The Shocking Truth About Butterflies

By luizbilang | LuizTalks | 24 Aug 2020

Hey guys! This is me again with another article and this time it's about butterflies! Talk about the diversion of my articles LOL~ anyway, hope you'll like it!

Butterflies are such beautiful creatures that nowadays it's accompanied with love, hence "butterflies on my stomach". Their life cycle is also used as a metaphor for a human's life and death. And of course, probably all of us wants the opportunity to have a butterfly sit on our fingers just like that. I did too! But not already.

We all know that butterflies suck out the nectar in the flower's pollens. Nectars are liquid, also called "sugar water". It's nothing shocking. However, contrary to the beauty it gives to a flower, it gives chills and creepiness when it sits on a human skin. Why?

If butterflies only depend on nectars for their survival, they wouldn't even live for long. Unknown to others is that they seek moisture in almost everything. From nectar juices, to human sweat, to moist poop and to human blood, to decomposing cadavers. Yes. They suck blood. While some suck it for moisture, others suck it mainly because they are blood- like vampire-type of reason.

There are lots and lots and lots of kinds of butterflies you can see in the whole world. Not just blood and sweat-sucking butterflies. There are also those who drink urine so they can have other nutrients like sodium that they can not find in nectars.

So the next time a butterfly flies over you, that means you're probably about to be a prey of a beautiful, elegant, blood-sucking flying creature.


Thank you!

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