New Normal and Academic Freeze

By luizbilang | LuizTalks | 18 Aug 2020

It's been 6 months already since the CoVid-19 hit the Philippines. So far people are making good progress to adjust to the new normal system in the country. However, one thing that still remains a debate is the Academic Freeze.

I already have my stand in this matter however, my thoughts on this are actually stuck in between since I am someone who doesn't want any delay in my education no matter what the reason is for certain reasons, thus I want the school year to continue. But then, thinking of the unprivileged students who don't have any means for pursuing their education right now, and that's why I stand to support academic freeze.

This stand of mine strengthened more earlier when our school had the Parent's Orientation via Zoom to comply with the new normal due to the pandemic. I can say that our teachers handled it very well but it's not enough to ensure parents and even students of quality education, especially for me and my batchs since this our last year before going to college. From the technicalities to the internet connection, teachers or students, it was a mess. And so how are we then supposed to learn from such problems?

One more thing is that as an officer of the student body council, we really have such hard times adjusting the academic and extracurricular activities assigned to us. All plans we made prior this pandemic was gone. We may see this new normal system as a more convenient way to certain situations but this is a big crisis to students.

I just hope upper-hands realize this and consider having an academic freeze. Some think that this is a petty request to avoid academics and just have fun in times of this pandemic. But coming from someone who wants to urgently finish studying for a pretty much valid reason states how we students have already thought of the consequences of a delayed education. And comparing the consequence to continuing the school year, we'd rather safely waste a year than destroying our future years through a year-long low-quality education.

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