Jack Of All Trades, Master Of None

By luizbilang | LuizTalks | 25 Aug 2020

We often hear people saying "Wow! You're a jack of all trades.". Some might know what this means but for those who don't:

A jack of all trades is often a compliment for a person who is good at fixing things, and has a very good broad knowledge. Wikipedia.

It means a person who has a lot of knowledge on different things. Hearing this, you might think "i wanna be like that too." But wait 'till you know the complete phrase.

"A jack of all trades, master of none"

The phrase was popularized by Robert Greene in 1592 when he referred to William Shakespeare. Unknown to many, "master of none" is also part of the phrase.

Acquiring a lot of different skill but don't have anything you are mastered at all doesn't only affect the perception people have of you but also your own mental health especially when you're still an adolescent or someone entering college/work for the first time. Deciding which path you'll take is the hardest thing you might ever encounter in your life.

You know how to play instruments, you're good at every subjects, you know how to fix electrical things, you know how to act, you're good at writing stories, news, opinions and all. You're good at dancing and singing. But what will you use as your career?

You might say, "Why? You have all the skills, you can choose whichever you want."

Just think of going to an ice cream shop having only enough money to but one serving. You walk in and see lots and lots of flavors that you love. It'll be a difficult time choosing which one to eat. It might not be as hard as deciding for your path but it's how it feels.

Sure it has some advantages but in the end, you still got to decide which one you'll choose. And with that decision, you would want to assure that your chkice wouldn't only cause you failure.


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