Grades DO Define Your Intelligence

By luizbilang | LuizTalks | 18 Aug 2020

"Grades don't define your intelligence."

That's a famous saying by the students who are being roasted for having low grades. The idea came from how popular personalities who even though didn't finish college or secondary level, are still living well and some even are billionaires.

Well, it is partly true that it doesn't but still, in this generatiom where education is evolving, the statement is slowly becoming an excuse by others.

When you're in your primary to secondary years of school, of course it does not define your intelligence since the lessons taught are general- the lessons are for ALL.

However, when you are in your college years, I don't think it's still appropriate of you to use the statement. Why?


You already chose your path.

Before entering in college, you already learned the basics of Science, Math and English. You already explored where you're most intelligent at, you may not have learned it in school like things such as cosmetics, music and art but you already knew.

Then you enroll in the course you're good at. If you're better in Law, then go. If you excell more in Cosmetics, then go. If you think you'll succeed in Arts, then go. To make it simple, the lessons that you'll encounter are already "somewhat" specialized for you. It's not like how teachers put you in the same room, same lessons with different capabilities. You're already honing your intelligence on that certain field. Thus, the grades you receive really measure your intelligence. It measures how intelligent you are in that test, in that amount you studied, in that part of the lesson, it measure how intelligent you are if you study at a certain intensity. Now if you get low grades even after doing your best, then accept it. Don't make that lame statement as your excuse. It's not like you wont succeed in life if you get bad grades.

Grades define your intelligence, what it doesn't define is your success.

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