This is a practice of creating views to be able to work a 3D model from a sketch.

Video | Drawing Practice | Robot Views

By LuisRL | LuisLRT | 12 Jul 2020

high speed video:

This time I bring you a drawing of a robot in orthogonal views, it was a practice creating an isometric view first and then creating the orthogonal ones, these types of views serve as a guide when working with a 3D model, so you have a preview of the positions of the model to start working on it.

Worked with:

Wacom Intous 5
Photoshop CS6

Initial drawing of the robot in isometric view:c11cf4376fac801e5879a3690d05043362b2b54e71a86553b046a4da6b9f8220.jpeg

Robot with color:

Initial sketch of orthogonal views:36947ecbc0eb4994703a1af0bc4280c583dc6fb1b7886109086b10c00bfc6576.jpeg

Orthogonal views of the robot:6a1e0adc502af7d3935d7c44561f01268c2fa99c64423bf0382bce314d784e10.jpeg

Colors applied the sketch:1170542b5919ee040705934073934f13f5df4efacffaf77e2bd4a8db87c2b53e.jpeg

Thank you very much and I hope you liked my post Greetings

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