Pamant/Earth - new musical project on the Horizon inside crypto space like Tokentuber


In a World that is running somehow through some interesting times inside this matrix,

I'm am very excited to introduce to you my new musical journey among some awesome musicians through this new project entitled "Pamant/Earth"

Here you can enjoy one of our songs recorded live in a concert a few days ago.

As i've heard so many people were complaining about some protocols with some old video platforms.

You can try this new cryptonian platform on which you can migrate directly your yotube videos and receive your tokentubers.

Enjoy the music people and hopefully someday, IF we'll play somewhere on this Planet where you'll be arround, feel free and visit us to our concerts.

The band credits:

Maria Hojda / voice
Florin Gruia / violin
Szekeres Ferencz / drums
Marcelle Poaty-Souami / keys
Mircea Ardeleanu Jr. / bansuri, bas, voice
Lucian Nagy - bulgarian kaval
Mihai Neagoe / sound engineer

Regards people.

PS: If you would like to sustain our musical project feel free and support us through my #lnbt which will be helpful for future studio-recordings fees for a future album.

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