Let's Get Real -- Get Married

Get Real Get Married [00 - First Commit]

By Ruth eMouse | LoveViaHaShem | 7 Mar 2021

I’m sitting on my chair, looking at Instagram again. Oh look, someone liked my photo. That’s so nice. Let’s check Facebook. Oh dear - more distress and arguments. Let’s check TikTok … ugh … something’s off. Plenty of interactions these days are superficial. We’re hardly connecting and getting to know people. How can we do that? How do we build that muscle? How can we raise our potential in this area to not only get to know others better - but also for ourselves - get hitched. ;D    

Get Real Get Married

There’s been plenty of procrastination leading up to this point. But, nothing worthwhile is really going to be that easy. I’d like to start a journey with you regarding a book that I’ve taken a big liking to, and is extremely relevant to today’s times. That book is called - Get Real, Get Married by Aleeza Ben Shalom. The book lays down great ideas for getting a meaningful and profound connection with another individual. Also, it lays the foundation, and all the steps needed towards getting yourself married.


Maybe you’d like to be convinced of why you should even get married in the first place? 

- Don’t worry - we’ll get to that. 

Maybe you're opposed to marriage, or you’re someone who does not want meaningful relationships.

- Don’t follow me. ;P


All perspectives that I have at my disposal, I’ll use to provide you more insight in the upcoming posts. That includes nonreligious, Christian, and Jewish perspectives. Once, I get more understanding of other perspectives  (e.g. Muslim), then you’ll probably see them added into the relationship understanding mix of goodness. 


Stay tuned, and thanks for reading this far ;)   






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