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The Brave Publisher

By Nathan6692 | LOVE STORY and FICTION | 28 Jan 2021

Julianne had just entered her office room when Francia was about to enter. It looked pale as it looked at her but remained standing at its closed door.

Leaning, one palm is on the side of its chest. "Oh, what's your problem again that makes you feel uneasy?" there seems to be no question of the girl here. "Maybe you're hiding a man again, isn't it?

So you've been running around here. Francia sneezed first. It licked the reddish lipstick mark before she start to speak. "Crazy, I should not be the one to be scared but you are girl," the confused girl said almost restrained.

"As usual, the opponent reaps what you wrote. And since you are already late so you do not know what is going on here. Confused because of an article you wrote about a congressman in Pasay. He is very angry and he want to talk to you right away. Or else we will be blown up here today .....! "

Hey, I'm not as brave as you! "seems annoyed to what the girl said. "I'm not ready to die yet ...." "Please, Francia. I'm not in the condition of listening to your stories, am I?" he cut it.

"Then I'll hear that dialogue of yours and I'm getting tired of hearing more. So can you, stop me and it's too late for you to bother me with your panic. It's better to cool down at the Cafeteria first and I still have a lot to do. "

This girl .... "The woman's voice growled." She's the one who cares, I'm the one who's bad now .... "

"Francia, I'm so sorry," said Julianne who approached her friend and took her cold palm to ease her contribution.

"I know all about what I wrote and, as usual, you should not be afraid because there is nothing wrong with what I did."

" Everything is fine, there's nothing wrong to what I published about congressman. Now, if he calls to complain, that is his problem. As long as I fulfill my role. And then there was nothing too much, nothing less I wrote so don't worry and I might even be bitten by a rat ... Ehehe! Of fear in the chest at what you are expecting. "

"You should just be really scared because what scary things were said here when a member of that congressman called, "said the girl.

"Girl, you need to take extra precautions from today and maybe what else that person can do to you. I don't want to lose you. You know that you are the only one who understands my feelings as a person."

"That's right, and this crazy motive also came out, "Julianne said, secretly happy with Francia's last words. And then she breathed a sigh of relief. That means her friend was just overreacting." Sit down first I have to rush to do something now.

And then prepare yourself for our appointment this lunch break at the airport. Now my friend Akitoshi will arrive. " "Yes, even though I was nervous to go out with you," Francia frowned.


Then the office room door opened. It released the president of their publication, Mrs. Thelma Silva. "Good morning, ma'am," the friends answered almost simultaneously. "You've been through ..." Julianne added. She could not be bothered by its unexpected visit to her office. She was so nervous she couldn't figure out the reason.

I really meant to come to you by myself, Jojo, "said Mrs. Silva. It looks younger at the age of 46. Their boss is as fond of posture and smile. , so none of its people are trying to abuse its kindness.

" I think the congressman has already read that you criticized him for having a gambling business in Pasay so he kept calling here to talk to you. "

"I did nothing but ...."

"I know, Jojo, I have trust in you," the lady interrupted promptly. "That's why you were assigned to the investigative features. And as always, you need to be a little careful with your targets. I don't want what happened before will happen to you again. If you need a bodyguard, just let me know."

"Don't worry, Mrs. Silva."

The girl refused with a smile.

" I think congressman Ravelo probably thinks broadly. He will not take any action that will tarnish his name in public. "

"I hope that person thinks like that, Jojo. But don't worry, we will face his courage together until he gives up on his own."

Julianne was surprised by what their boss said. The resilience in herself grew even more because she was confident that she would never be alone. Just as it supports previous controversies because of the content of her writings.

"Ahm, ma'am Silva, what if congressman Ravelo realizes that he will blow up our place !? "Francia asked anxiously, unable to bear not to utter his fear.

"If he will do that, we are not the only ones he opposes. but our government, "Mrs. Silva replied boldly." I think it is still clear that he may be thinking of committing great violence.

"And when he does, he will further confirm that what Jojo wrote about his corrupt activities is true. "

"Mrs. Silva is right, France," Julianne said. "So take away the fear of your brain."

"But still be a little careful, okay?" smiling said their boss while stared to Julianne.

"You know you're the only one I expect in this kind of assignment."

"No problem, I will," the girl said.

One of Congressman Ravelo's men did not stop calling to talk to Julianne but not a single call came to her. Mrs. Silva told the telephone operator not to give her the call if thus also came from the congressman's side despite his desire to talk to her at least for a while, so that she could hear the congressman's purpose to her.

Lunch break. Julianne, who was with Francia, was leaving her office when she heard from the operator that the person on the other line was looking for her.

"I'll take the call, Cheska," she said.

"B-but, Jo .... This is Congressman while she covered the mouthpiece of the phone with one palm.

"Don't worry, I just want to know what he meant to me so that he can stop being called here," the brave girl said.

"Jojo, don't do that, "Francia scolded as she stood next to her. But Julianne's face looked tough as she reached for the auditory and greeted the one on the other line.

" I'm sorry if you were offended by what was published in our newspaper, Congressman, "he said confidently.

"But maybe that will be a way to stop the big gambling you own, isn't ? "

"Listen, young lady," said the congressman on the other line.

"Don't tell me what I should do. I know what I'm doing. Now, it's you who should be doing something for the humiliation you've caused me. If you do not apologize to me through your newspaper , stating your apologies, then it could be a real nightmare for you, lady. You better retract what you wrote. Did we both understand, Julianne Rivera? "

"I heard you loud and clear, Congressman," said the girl who felt an outburst of anger in her chest at the arrogance of her interlocutor.

"But I'm sorry to tell you that I will not do anything or change what is written. And you can not sue me because we both know that everything in the newspaper is true."

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