Tradetoken Network will be a blockchain project that seeks to bring a solution to all its users, through transparency and the necessary training in its ecosystem, thus Tradetoken Network has the thought that the future of blockchain is the Defi market

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Tradetoken Network will be a blockchain project that seeks to bring a solution to all its users, through transparency and the necessary training in its ecosystem, thus Tradetoken Network has the thought that the future of blockchain is the Defi market, as it guarantees a stability the finance of everyone with the possibility of interest in this way Tradetoken Network is positioning the parameter of decentralized financial applications that add value to companies, government and individuals in an attractive and diversified manner and with a lot of clarity because the KLEGLITE RESOURCES of Tradetoken Network will be duly registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission, this way everyone will be able to check Tradetoken Marketplace as a high-octane blockchain platform that will bring together all investors, buyers and sellers, allowing safe and continuous transactions for everyone because at Tradetoken Marketplace, all its users will be able to enjoy an infinity and useful blockchain products and services to help everyone carry out their daily transactions, this will be the Tradetoken solution as it will be the official token of the Tradetoken Marketplace, so the utility token can be used and will be used as the official currency to feed all products and ecosystem services giving more credibility and security to all its holders so through Trusted Services


with Low Rate Definition Apps through High Speed ​​Transactions it will be amazing with Great security and first class Support for the products of quality in itself as well as some products are functioning through Tradetoken Exchange because it will be the main Defi product, as Tradetoken Network will have a powerful whitelabel exchange where everyone will be able to exchange more than 150 cryptocurrencies with total security and ease Tradetoken Network will have the Wallet Blockwire as it will be the first in the crypto market to have sue a Transaction Confirmation System as a standard Tradetoken Network will rely on Susu it will be a platform that encourages personal savings for low-income people, high-income people will also be able to use it as an application that was developed for all people who travel a lot and want to save money by giving the possibility to resolve their issues in just a few clicks the Tradetoken Network with Sports that swims but is worldwide a big deal being nowadays one of the biggest employers of labor in many countries in the world Tradetoken Network that participates in this slice with the full competence of uniting the technologies and facilities of blockchain technology, Tradetoken Network will count on the exclusive Tradetoken Debitcard encouraging its mass adoption with its benefits all over the world, making its access available to all interested parties because their cards debit card, all users will be able to use their cryptocurrencies to pay for goods, services and enjoy your savings in a more practical way for more information visit the website and read the white paper for more details



The Tradetoken Network with The technology that is revolutionizing the way people do finance by decentralizing the entire monetary concept, TradeToken Solution Blockchain will be constantly evolving and all its potentials will be unlimited from the production point of view so the main objective is to produce Defi products in bulk so that everyone can have their daily use for companies, governments and individuals who wanted to contribute to the ecosystem in general since the ecosystem will be totally safe with Tradetoken will be used as the main currency for all transactions within the platform thus giving greater liquidity yet everyone will be able to use the TradeToken Whitelabe Exchange as it will count and will be the main blockchain product of the Tradetoken Network platform it will be a super powerful whitelabel exchange everyone will be able to trade and exchange well over 150 cryptocurrencies as standard so on the platform it will be very fast , safe and fully decentralized a with it It will not be necessary kyc to make


any transaction because its main characteristics of the exchange will be Speedy because with each order that will be made, the transaction will be extremely fast beyond your Security everyone will have Your funds much safer everyone will be able to remain Anonymous because KYC will not be necessary, there will be no need for personal data to use the exchange in addition to its very low Fees. The Blockwire App will be the first of its kind in the crypto market with It all the regular features of most innovations besides the TCS feature, as the TRANSACTION CONFIRMATION SYSTEM will be a transaction confirmation system it will be a system that will help everyone to confirm or approve an encrypted transaction, with TCS it will be an innovative system, if someone sends encryption by mistake, they can easily cancel this transaction thanks the Tradetoken Network There will be no more fear of losing encryption by mistake in this way and with its innovations and ease will be a hand in the wheel for all crypto users worldwide




Q2- 2020
Token Development

Private Sales, Pre-IEO & Exchange Launch

2nd-Tier Exchange & IEO Listings

Coinmarketcap & Top-Tier EXchange Listings

Blockwire App Launch

Private Chain Mainnet Launch

TTWakka, TTSports,Tradetoken Debitcard & TTSusu Mega Launch



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