Defibox will be a platform that will help the incorporation of the DeFi race through the EOS platform with newdex as a starting point

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Defibox will be a platform that will help the incorporation of the DeFi race through the EOS platform with newdex as a starting point. Defibox will ensure that all EOS holders and all newdex users can participate in this new decentralized economy and thus everyone can participate. in a unique and precise way with the commitment of the Defibox Foundation and with the financing and support of the Newdex Exchange, the Defibox platform has already started its race for success brilliantly, giving everyone the opportunity to guarantee their participation in the midst of these unique projects being launched in July 21, 2020, be a platform where everyone will find the ease of the DeFi economy and can be used by all EOS coin holders so Defibox has two protocols, now in use with Swap mode and the stable crypto USN so the project Defibox intends to launch more protocols in the near future, with decentralized loans, synthetic assets being a range of opportunities to be around through Defibox solutions, Defibox with its Foundation initiates and manages all project strategies, as the Defibox Foundation will be responsible for all the goals of the Defibox project, in this way with specific planning, with the hiring of an executive team to ensure continuous development Defibox has everything to further leverage the defi sector globally so Defibox


with its BOX DAO together with the Foundation will organize the governance community as BOX DAO will be composed mainly of Defibox token holders giving everyone a differential but on the platform, everyone will have the right to vote on governance and proposals, leveraging the entire chain and its added value, Defibox will give all its holders a completely decentralized and totally secure autonomy because everyone will be on a platform with high liquidity so through its team Defibox will have the best developers and a team formed to leverage quality and benefits Defibox everyone involved will have established goals and the Defibox Foundation will define all its actions giving all contributors and holdes of the project the most possible transparency because the wave of the DeFi Protocol will be disseminated thanks to the solutions of the Defibox platform because all users will be able to use without any limit, including users of all DApp, with Swap it will be a protocol that will convert the automatic creation of the protocol market (AMM) in a decentralized way, In this way, the protocol will provide real-time exchange prices. All users will be able to complete the token exchange instantly, giving everyone total liquidity. Defibox will be quite wide because the token swap, and all its users will be free to create a market. of swap, or can choose to enter the market already created to become a market maker and provide high liquidity this way everyone will have ample freedom and different earnings capacity on a single platform with extremely low rates giving greater gains to everyone thanks to the EOS blockchain for more information visit the website and read the white paper for more technical details



The Defibox token called BOX will be a governance token, as its value will be added and obtained through governance in this way BOX DAO together with all its holders will be able to vote to determine all parameters of each DeFi protocol, so the Swap protocol will pay dividends to all its holders because the Swap Protocol, each Swap Protocol transaction fees with USN stable currency treasury interest, will have a USN stable currency settlement penalty so everything will be transparent to everyone by including an ability to vote and decide on all the proposals presented, Defibox had joined with its governance to decide that all holders have the right to determine important parameters, all of them will become active participants in the decision of the Defibox platform, since all BOX holders will benefit from governance and its benefits. will be highly profitable to everyone as the Defibox Foundation will try to minimize all security risks, is all Smart contracts will be reviewed by various audits per security company, giving coverage to but all users as the Foundation will urgently turn off the DeFi protocol to avoid or reduce losses giving everyone a peace of mind as the Defibox Foundation will keep everything as centrally as possible, Defibox will be a milestone in the EOS blockchain as it will bring every opportunity of the defi economy to all its users by integrating them equally worldwide



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