Crowdsale Network, through its totally exclusive pre-ICO project selection algorithm, will lead all projects interested

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Crowdsale Network, through its totally exclusive pre-ICO project selection algorithm, will lead all projects interested in reducing their marketing and production costs, thus Crowdsale Network Thanks to its specialists who will be working through a representation based on moral principles, as it will be providing innovative technical solutions to all participants of the Crowdsale Network platform, with the aim of supporting and implementing socially important projects for all projects with the improvement of everyone's quality of life, thus blockchain technology and the use of cryptocurrencies each day on the rise and more popular, it has made it easier to attract investments to startups with the help of ICOs than through venture capital funds making it simple and accessible to everyone including investors who previously could not participate Crowdsale Network will be constantly on the lookout viable projects and ready to invest all the necessary resources Crowdsale Network will be a reliable bridge to its implementation with great potential to the market. Development of a unique algorithm to select start-ups and incremental financing mechanisms that will prevent project fraud and protect the funds and reputation of all interested investors. all because Crowdsale Network launches an ICO project platform being designed to dramatically reduce the cost of ICOs, making the process more transparent for all investors and helping a broader range of entrepreneurs to enter the digital market, as The technical team at Crowdsale Network has a functional version of the platform and this platform has already started accepting applications from startups for ICO, so that all current projects can be seen on the website of the Crowdsale Network platform so the project will be in constant development, supporting and implementing innovative startups of social importance, as well as a committed team Through the CrowdSale Network through its Community Generation project and the CGEN token as a support project, it will be promoting all subsequent projects on the platform in a continuous and accurate manner, paying attention to but everyone because CGEN's main task will be to bring people together with similar ideas to support socially significant startups worldwide, in this way Using the CGEN token, as all platform users will be able to invest and buy newly launched startup tokens at the best prices and earn multiple bonuses at the same time giving a greater incentive to everyone for more information visit the website and adapt all your expectations to everyone with an innovative platform



With the Crowdsale Network platform, all "CSN" token holders will receive the token from the VQ Education "vq-coin" educational platform as a gift and will also receive tokens from all startups that will be sent to ICO through the Crowdsale Network platform as well all participants of the platform will have the opportunity every time after the launch of a new start-up, or simply a new token will appear in the CSN Pay wallets for CSN token holders in a continuous and meaningful way if a start-up leads successfully an ICO and if it attracts $ 10 million in BTC or ETH, as the Crowdsale Network platform will receive a commission of 10% of the raised capital, of which 5% will be received in the form of BTC / ETH and 5% in the form of startup tokens in this way so 100% of the platform's profits will be distributed among CSN token holders with mandatory storage of CSN tokens in the CSN Pay wallet so that all CSN token holders will be profitable for not selling their tokens, as they will keep them in the wallet to continue receiving candidate startup and BTC / ETH tokens as rewards for everyone like that In order to sell more new startup tokens, everyone will be interested in the success of the startup and will actively participate in the promotion of your project thus encouraging everyone In this way, all parties will benefit from an ecosystem and will develop more efficiently as the Crowdsale Network platform will be developed through a franchise system, this way To represent the interests of the platform in different regions, representatives will be able to purchase licenses, The CSN Online Store will offer different products and services for different


cryptocurrencies everyone will have the chance to participate effectively because everyone, CSN holders will be able to buy goods at a significant discount this way everyone Investors who invest their resources in startups sitting on the Crowdsale Network platform will receive a reward in the form of CSN tokens continuously and transparently through the advent of the exchange itself, CSN will be used as a currency pair to trade tokens and other altcoins, such as BNB on the Binance exchange, in this way CSN tokens will become liquid assets, as ICO startups will be able to participate not only with BTC and ETH, but also with CSN tokens, which will allow them to buy more tokens from aspiring startups in a way to improve the way all investors are behaves with new opportunities with a unique algorithm Crowdsale Network will carry out the selection of pre-ICO projects with Crowdsale Network so an investor, with the most challenging part when investing in ICO is the number of fraudulent projects and bad projects that are estimated in a out of five, participating in the Crowdsale Network platform will make everyone more advantageous through statistics with research and analysis of the project per month more than a month before investing in ICOs, Crowdsale Network will bring everyone the best opportunities through measures that include background checks, viability of the business idea, with the team behind the projects, their skills and experience in blockchain industry, so With the increase in initial coin offerings, the numbers are increasing every day, The Crowdsale Network will empower start-ups through tools and resources that will make the crowdsourcing operation a simple, and totally reliable process for everyone giving a reliable starting point to the market, being a platform that aims to attract economically, transparently and that inspires confidence to all investors. Startups that want to manage their crowdfunding campaign on the platform will have to sign up with the platform requirements accounts thus giving more credibility to the process since the decentralized team of specialists from various offices of CSN La bs will provide assistance in handling the reward campaign operations, leaving the founders with time to worry, but with project development and other strategic issues we can deduce that Crowdsale Network will have the ability to increase trust around projects that intends to raise capital from potential investors



Token name: CrowdSaleNetworkPlatform
Ticker: CSNP
Type: ERC20 (Ethereum)
Address: 0x96Ee9B27f822D71aE9cbF06773A878b41308C396
Decimal: 18
Total supply (after burning) 30,000,000 CSNP


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