Loud Mouth News- series 2 update 1

By Antwone163 | Loud Mouth NFT's | 4 Feb 2021

As you Loud Mouth Fans know we have been preparing for our series 2 launch, this is the first official series 2 update, in this update we will be debuting our official series 2 promo NFT's. There are two sides to every coin, two sides to every story and even two sides to every person, our series 2 promo nft's have been inspired by this very notion.

Now Presenting our Promo NFT's:



Here's how you can get your hands on one of these free promo NFT's: The first 20 persons to comment their wax address and sticker or base under this post will get one of these.

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I am an aspiring artist, entrepreneur and self proclaimed Crypto currency enthusiast. Designing cool art, Nft's and learning all i can.

Loud Mouth NFT's
Loud Mouth NFT's

This will be the place to get all official updates for Loud Mouth NFT's other than Telegram and twitter.

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