Who we are? Who makes us human? We are the Constellation in Publish0x

Who we are? Who makes us human? We are the Constellation in Publish0x


You believed that it was enough to create a coin and the best crypto space ever for create a community?

We are on the beginning, like all community in the history we are finding ourshared dream.

We are only at the beginning and this is our luck. Being at the beginning means having all the possibilities.


Change is only real when it springs from within.

Which is why the facilitators and coaches of our network stimulate individuals and communities to take action through an approach that appreciates strengths and fosters local ownership.
In order to achieve ownership, people walk through a rigorous action-learning cycle
called the Community Life Competence Process.

Ready to start?
Thanks to the illusion of easy money we found ourselves on this super platform, but the creation of value is not only done on an economic basis, it also serves a human base. Ready for Constellation? 
Definition of Constellation : a cluster of related ideas, qualities, etc., related in some way. 
The Constellation is a network of individuals, groups, communities and organisations all over the world working hand in hand to help people flourish and contribute to the world we want to live in. Blockchain world is an infinity chain of Hope for a better world.

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Lorenzo The big Brain
Lorenzo The big Brain

Italian Romantic Songwriter and Musicoin believer musicoin.org/nav/artist/0xa7643b40c62ad278c6e740a45117a3a7a538c064


An Italian Romantic Songwriter creating music from blockchain collaboration. Follow this trip, music trip, in differents style, one poetry.

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