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Ethereum, You Mad Bro

And thank you Thorswap for the ''airdrop''.

So I have pooled some RUNE in the Ethereum pool on Thorswap for quite some time now, which made me eligible for the so-called $THOR ''airdrop''. Jokes on me, that thing wasn't an airdrop. It was a freaking claimdrop. That means I had to spend approximately 0.017 ETH to even get those $THOR tokens. Meh.

I received 300 $THOR tokens, currently priced at $2.33 each, which means that my ''loot'' isn't even worth $700 at the moment of speaking. The best part is I need to spend roughly another 0.01 ETH to even approve the $THOR contract if I would like to swap those tokens, and it gets freaking worse:

you fkin serious.jpg

I will have to spend another fucking 0.033 ETH to swap them for RUNE. What the heck is this shit? Why did they even choose Ethereum as a base layer for the $THOR token? This thing is beyond me. If anyone of you nice folks knows the answer, please enlighten me. Thanks.

It gets even funnier if you're suicidal and intend to swap them for ETH:


Why on Earth would anyone want to perform this swap? Please answer this question for me. Yeah, they say ETH is only for the whales and stuff, but I beg to disagree. It's for the idiots. I don't think rich people became rich by making stupid decisions. Why should I have to spend $200 in fees just to perform a swap? To make ETH miners rich for nothing?

I seriously cannot believe there's nothing they can do to end this joke. The fact that it still goes on to this day is literally mind-blowing as far as I'm concerned. And ETH keeps racing. I get it, it's a trusted blockchain and stuff, but come on man. Fees are ridiculous. What happens if ETH hits say $20k?

Long story short, those $700 will just sit there waiting until further notice. They say ETH 2.0 will fix this mess, but I honestly do not believe a single word at this point. This is why the world needs HIVE. They just don't know it yet.

I also feel betrayed by the Thorswap folks for calling it an airdrop. What kind of airdrop takes $100 to even claim it? Notice the word: claim. You are never supposed to claim an airdrop. That's a claimdrop.

Anyways, it is what it is. I will keep pooling my RUNE as I'm already in profit and life's good. XTM, dCrops and Splinterlands are also giving me way too many reasons to smile these days anyway.

Never forget!


Have a good one everyone!

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