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By Dennis76 | Looking after yourself | 7 May 2021

Hi all,

Perhaps not everyone has heard of Odysee. Odysee is the newest and latest platform of LBRY. LBRY is slowly being retired over time and replaced by the newer and more user friendly Odysee. It is basically a crypto and free speech version of Youtube. 

Many creators who have been deplatformed or demonitized on Youtube have been moving their channels onto platforms such as Odysee.

Whilst Odysee is still growing and is quite small compared to the mammoth Youtube, it is growing rapidly and gaining more and more coverage in mainstream news.

So the big bonus for using Odysee over Youtube, is that you get paid random amounts of LBRY tokens each day for viewing a video. You also get paid different amounts of LBRY tokens for referring friends and family, for starting a channel, for viewing certain amounts of videos over time. And you can then tip your favourite creators with LBRY tokens or small parts of LBRY tokens, such as 0.1 LBRY tokens if you wish. This helps encourage creators to put their content on Odysee and also means that viewers decide how much creators get paid, not Youtube and their algorithm.

This article outlines in more detail and in better words than myself, the benefits and business case of Odysee and the LBRY token.

If you are already using LBRY and Odysee, let me know how you are going in the comments below. Any tips for new users and how best to get your content noticed on LBRY and Odysee.


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Pretty new to crypto.

Looking after yourself
Looking after yourself

Tips to keep healthy, keep active and to look after yourself.

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