Some great tunes for the afternoon courtesy of Odysee

By Dennis76 | Looking after yourself | 8 Jul 2021

Good afternoon all,

Here are some nice tunes to listen to during the afternoon, no matter where you are, at home, at work, school or uni or about and about.

And just in case you have not yet joined Odysee, use my link to get some free LBRY tokens to get you started. Watch a video each day and get rewarded with a random amount of LBRY tokens. Enjoy!

Firefly Music - Odysee

Music Life - Odysee

Tekno Music - Odysee

Classic Jazz - Odysee

Classical Music - Odysee


Have a great afternoon and get involved with Odysee, the crypto and decentralised version of Youtube!!!







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Pretty new to crypto.

Looking after yourself
Looking after yourself

Tips to keep healthy, keep active and to look after yourself.

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