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Nugget's News in the news - for all the wrong reasons

By Dennis76 | Looking after yourself | 2 Aug 2021

One of the bigger crypto news channels, Nugget's News is in the news....for all the wrong reasons.

Nugget's News, run by Alex Saunders is based in Tasmania, Australia. He has had a large following on Youtube since 2017 where he provides a regular, pretty unbiased update on the state of not only the crypto market, but the world economic situation in general. He was also involved in a platform called Collective Shift which provided both unpaid and paid subscriptions for a range of cryptos and crypto platforms.

However, last week, Alex was in the news, particularly on Twitter where it is alleged he owes a range of people, including the likes of Bitboy Crypto large amounts of Bitcoin. It was purportedly to be used in the financing of a new crypto called Decentral Bank or DCB. However, it appears that a range of crypto influencers that Alex said were part of the project, were not. They have all issued statements saying that they are not involved with the project and that several of them are seeking legal advice over the matter.

Many are saying that Alex may have used the crypto and money for gambling on futures for crypto. It appears much of the crypto transferred to Alex went to a wallet that may have been used for this gambling, particularly any ethereum. The platform involved has said it is looking into the matter.

Alex has not been seen online for many days now, nor has there been any reply from him regarding these matters, although he has said previously he is paying people back through repayment plans.

I hope he is well and is looking after himself. It can be scarily easy to get into financial trouble, particularly with futures trading or options trading. I hope we hear from Alex and Nugget's News soon.




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Looking after yourself
Looking after yourself

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