How Brave can overturn the digital advertising market

By Dennis76 | Looking after yourself | 7 Jun 2021

Google, Facebook, Bing. They control the majority of the online advertising market worldwide. They determine if your ads are seen, or if your website, blog or Youtube video is monetised.

Again, very centralised control. How easy is it to compete against such giant companies? Virtually impossible. How hard is it to get customer service from these companies? I would say 100% impossible.

Enter Brave browser and the BAT token. Brave browser not only protects your privacy and your browsing history, it allows you to control the ads you see, and whether or not you block Google, Facebook and Bing ads. This removes the centralised control, this removes their ability to determine whether or not you are monetized with your blog or your website.

This has turned the market on its head. 

I look forward to Brave taking more market share and evening up the market, even just a little bit.

Support Brave. Buy and use the BAT token.

The Guardian showed how much revenue share that Google and Facebook take by buying their own ads and reviewing the results. The publisher only receives 30% of the revenue, leaving these large companies with 70%!!! It's time to give the little guy a go :)

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Looking after yourself
Looking after yourself

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