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By Dennis76 | Looking after yourself | 19 Apr 2021

Well back in October 2020 I wrote an article about the future price and direction of BAT (BAT Price and Predictions). Who could have foreseen the bull run we have had since then.

BAT tokens were sitting around 30 cents back then. In the last couple of weeks, BAT has touched $2 and stayed well into the high $1 mark. What a journey it has been!

So where to from here? If you have been using BAT and Brave for some time, well done! You would be very happy if you have held BAT tokens up until now. If you are new to BAT tokens and Brave, get the Brave browser today and see how much quicker, safer and secure it is. Plus the added bonus of earning BAT tokens :)

I think that the Brave browser and BAT token continues to improve on a regular basis. It is a crypto currency with a real use case, a real business case. I think that crypto currencies in general are at high prices, and a correction will occur at some stage, same as for the world stock markets. That being said, dollar cost averaging into BAT and buying the dips could be a very good strategy for the long term - over two years or more.

I continue to think that the Brave browser and BAT token are ground breaking technology and business ideas with much more innovation and improvement to come. 

What would your price target be on BAT? I think in a few years time, we could be looking at $2.50 to $3 per token, particularly if the usage of the Brave browser continues to expand to the mainstream user, not just crypto users.



Here are some statistics on the usage of the Brave browser and BAT token:

Browser Market Share

Brave Browser publisher statistics

Brave Browser usage statistics and BAT token statistics



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