Great relaxation videos

Given we are in such uncertain times all over the world, it is even more important to find time to meditate, relax, unwind, or simply spend a moment looking after ourselves.

What are your ways of relaxing or having a time out? Do you call friends or family, go for a walk, spend time with pets, read a book or eat chocolate?

Some people find meditation useful, listening to music or having white noise in the background to help them concentrate at work, study or to help them relax or go to sleep.

I have included a range of videos below that may be of interest:

A great relaxation or meditation video


A great resting or sleeping white noise video


Classical music for stress relief and relaxation

Great music for studying and concentrating


Minions Banana Song

And a bit more of a light hearted video to end the post :)


I hope some of these videos may be of use, and that you and your family, stay safe and well :)



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Looking after yourself during COVID
Looking after yourself during COVID

Some practical and useful advice for keeping safe during these unprecedented times.

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