Hi everyone! I'm back to posting here!

By NewenX | loki | 15 Apr 2021

Hello Publish0x!

I'm glad to be back posting here, been away for a long time because I was taking a break from music to get inspiration back and strong, so I've been doing other things in my life.

I want to return bringing back to life the first trap I released back in 2019 which is called #Fatality!

After years of trying many different styles I came to realize that making rap music and rapping is just my thing and I love it. Everything you hear and see was made by me. The artwork, the beat, the lyrics and the recording including mixing and mastering!

I hope you like this one for those who haven't heard it and for those who have I hope you enjoy it once again if you did!



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I have loved music since I have memory and I love to share my feelings with the world through my songs. I've been playing in bands my whole life, punk, metal, hardcore, grunge, rock, death metal, etc. But right now I'm making my way as a solo artist with


Loki is my artist name for my Trap music project, hope you enjoy!

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