Symbiosis Finance - Multi-chain Liquidity Enabler! #SymbiosisDeFined

By @lok_k_l | lok_k_l | 22 Mar 2022

Symbiosis Finance



What is Symbosis?


     Symbiosis Finance is a multi-chain AMM DEX and liquidity protocol.

     On Symbosis Finance you can:

           - Swap Tokens (Any to Any)

           - Provide Liquidity with Ease

           - Farm Tokens 

     Now you can try to use this app from the link: 

                       Swap -

                       Liquidity -


SIS Token


     SIS is the protocol token of Symbiosis. It is deployed on Ethereum and used for:

          - Staking to run a node in the relayers' network            

          - Governing the Symbiosis DAO and DAO Treasure

     Smart contract of token - 0xd38bb40815d2b0c2d2c866e0c72c5728ffc76dd9

     You can find more information about SIS token on CoinMarketCap or CoinGecko 




     Symbiosis Finance has many investors, namely:

          - Polygon

          - Algorand

          - Avalanche and many other famous foundations


     You can find more information about the project on their official website


     Follow Symbiosis on Social Media:



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