Vectorium Platform, introducing Waste to Coin Energy generation Economy.

Vectorium Platform, introducing Waste to Coin Energy generation Economy.

By Sodaf | lohladex | 30 Aug 2019

The World of Blockchain is growing bigger and bigger everyday and solving different kind of real-life problems. One among the biggest challenges in the World is the ever-increasing rate of Wastes human produces i.e Domestic, and industrial and their environmental implication if not properly manage. This is why there is a need to design working and effective means of all these Waste management. In Today article, I will be discussing on an inspiring Blockchain project named Vectorium. I am sure my dear readers will find this project very interesting.

About Vectorium
Vectorium is simply a high-tech Blockchain Project which aims to establish an ecosystem that will permanently solve the problem of Waste management. Vectorium has so many benefits to offer to the society. The theme designed by Vectorium will allow waste materials both industrial and domestic waste converted into Green Energy which will be used for the mining and production of Cryptocurrency. All wastes are processed and converted into consumable Electricity. As mentioned earlier, apart from generating electricity through waste management, they will also digitize the use of electricity through Blockchain technology which will ensure fairness, transparency, and efficiency of the entire process. It will be more transparent and effective unlike the traditional system of Energy distribution.

(a) What is Vectorium Plus?
Vectorium Plus is blockchain based Coin, It uses a concept of Waste to Coin (WTC).It is a coin generated from green energy consumption enables users to store their Values and enhances with Proof of Stake System. rgw Blockchain technology plus (AI) Artificial intelligence algorithm will be combined together to achieve this goal of recycling of Waste into Energy and Cryptocurrency. Waste to Coin (WTC) will enable power generation and producing different kinds of combustible fuel .e.g ethanol, methane, gas and more. One among the primary goal of Vectorium is to
(i) Establish an environmental friendly Crypto mining system from different kinds of renewable energy sources.
(ii) Serve as a catalyst in the process of energy to cryptourrency and vice-versa.


(b) What is Vectorium Islnad?
Vectorium Island is a place where Waste is being processed into Cryptocurrency. It is a place where the process of Waste To Coin Take place. It implements Blockchain and AI algorithm to create electricity through Wind, Solar, or other means of Waste energy production.Vecotorium Platform consists of 2 native coins. which includes: Vectorium Flash which is Proof of Work based (PoW) and Vectorum that uses Plus Proof of Stake (PoS). All these Blockchain based coins will be created in correlation with electricity generation.

Final thought,
Vectorium Project has a very good future and high rate of success. It is a life project with a very good working product, which will positively impact the human Society through their Energy production and distribution service. Vectorium Plus will build over 300 Vectorium Island to help maintain the Earth surface cleanliness and helping people living in a healthy environment free of Industrial pollution as a result of Power generation. Vectorium IEO is life on Ex-Market Exchange launchpad. Be part of the future
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