SiriusX,The World first blockchain based travel and social network platform

By Sodaf | lohladex | 20 Nov 2019



         Conventional hospitality and traveling system are still found very unsafe and inefficient. Travelers encounter a series of problems in terms of payment and hospitality.Scammers activities is another contributory factors. Today, am going to talk about an inspiring Blockchain Project named SirusX. The team of SirusX have seen the loopholes in the entertainment, hospitality, and payment system and have emerged with a sustainable solution offered by their Platform .SirusX Ecosystem will allow different types of travelers making payment with ease and at a cheaper cost through the world with Card payment. SirusX platform aims to be one of the largest Social platform that combines wide ranges of services such as hospitality, payment gateway, Social network, and many more. They have developed a user-friendly social network built on Smart Contract. SirusX Platform offers wide ranges of services such as hospitality services such as hotels and accomodation, flights and lots.SirusX Social Network allows users to meet like minded people,sharing travel experiences and getting rewarded with SirusX tokens. SirusX platform has a payment card which is cost effective, it can be used to make any payment worldwide within the ecosystem .

         SirusX social network system allows users exchanging ideas, , travelers can share their vacation experiences with other on their blogs.SirusX is a very large global blockchain ecosystem consisting of tourism and vacation in the world coupled with social Networking.Integration of Blockchain technology into the ecosystem has completely resolved the barrier of transparency, elimination of intermediary services and P2P interaction facilities, and many others.
SirusX platform will play a very huge role in the social life of every mankind. It will become one of the World largest Blockchain powered platform which integrates a very lucrative business coupled with hospitality services such as hotel reservation, flight booking, and Social Network service.The Ecosystem make use of Smart

SirusX Platform offered the following services
1. Social Network: SirusX Ecosystem consists of social networks which enable users to meet like minded people. People with different interest meets on this network,
interact, and share ideas.
2. Travel: Hotel Reservation and flight booking.: SirusX ecosystem comprised of travel section which enable users to explore the World.This service has removed the
barrier posed by middlemen as there will be no middleman due to the decentralized nature of the Platform
3. SirusX payment Card: Users can make payment through SirusX integrated payment system. The platform made e-payment more secure, comfortable, fast, efficient, and
cost effective.
4. Decentralized Travel Platform


SirusX Token: (SRX)
         SirusX is ERC20 token powered on Ethereum Network which is the second-largest Blockchain Network in the world. SRX liquidity will increase consistently as the demand
for product and services grows . Paying with SRX token is highly secured, fast and cheaper. Minimum purchase of SiriusX tokens (SRX) is $150.The token will be listed
on Cryptocurrency Exchange after the token Sale. The platform will attract more liquidity when it is fully operational, the use of the token will be more active and
sustainable between the users and companies. The more adoption of SiriusX tokens (SRX) the higher the value of the token.Below are the details of the token

Token name and Symbol:SiriusX tokens (SRX)
Total Supply: 100,000,000 SRX
Decimals: 8
SiriusX (SRX) Contract address:0x32f3b8a00b6912d0314be212fe9538b7b9430c12

Final thought,
SirusX project is a live project that has relevance in human society.The purpose of this project is to simplify life for every mankind. The Decentralized nature of
this platform will make it more efficient, secure, and effective. I do believe SirusX is a large Blockchain ecosystem which will attract a large number of users.The
branches of SiriusX project make it a multi-service Network that will be beneficial to everyone. It worth supporting this project because of its potentials all goodies
it has to offer in our social environment. Be part of the success journey.


SiriusX Official Resources Website

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