Payment Porte, a Blockchain Based Global Digital Payment Solution

By Sodaf | lohladex | 27 Aug 2019


Blockchain technology has opened room for different types of innovation. Most Startup, businesses, organization having discovered the advantages derivable from this technology have integrated it into their various system. Blockchain has proved to be a versatile and effective tool in different fields of life. It has played a very huge role in Finance.The use of Blockchain in the payment system has proved to be very effective, thereby overriding the traditional payment system.Though this technology is still at infancy, different sectors of economy are exploring means to integrate the technology into their system.Hence, re-designing the traditional centralized system and achieving more efficiency i.e Health sector,Education, Finance, and more. Today, am going to talk about Payment Porte, a Blockchain Payment Platform

About Payment Port
Payment Porte is a Blockchain based Digital payment solution designed for the Shipping industries and Maritime. Its purpose is to disrupt the entire centralized system and increasing efficiency in the Global payment system. It aims to remove all loopholes associated to cross boarder payment system and focuses on improving the financial system of payment, restructuring the system and removing all associated constraints in the existing financial payment system It intends to increase security, transparency, efficiency, and speed in the financial payment system. There are so many advantages offers by this Platform, which will make the global traders benefit greatly.

What is Payment Porte?
It is a Payment Gateway which will create an Hybrid integration with different Financial services providers coupled with a decentralized Distribution Ledger to ensure freedom, efficiency, maximum security, transparency, speed, and low cost in financial payment system. There are countless benefits attached to this financial services which will benefit the global users.


Payment Porte Products and Services include:
Web App Wallet: Payment porte Bi- fold wallet are used to store Porte token .it is a noncustodial assets for value transfer (VFA'). It has complimentary wallets which facilitate multi-currency transfer to supported Bank APIs.

Prepaid Debit Cards:
PORTE debit card issued by a financial service provider partner and they are used Worldwide.
(i) Porte Payment Card: They are issued to enable hassle-free payments and purchases Globally.
(ii) Porte Payroll Card: it is designed for salary disbursement in the maritime enterprise.

Bifold Wallet: It is a network wallet application created for emergency escrow, permanent or long-term storage, and they are also used for funds transfer into Bank account. It is noncustodial, users have total control over their wallet because they are having their private KEYS which makes they access their funds and take full ownership at any point in time.

Porte Token: It is a utility token and (VFA) meaning Virtual Financial Asset.Porte Will be used as the platform liquidity instruments and will also service as a transfer of value to the users. Payment Porte IEO is live, can be purchased in multiple exchanges.

Final thought,
Payment Porte is a project with high relevance and credibility compared to other project out there. Their products will be of great use to the Global users in the field of commerce and Maritime generally. All constraints attached to the centralized system of payment is being removed through Payment porte Gateway thereby making cross-border financial transaction more flexible, fast, reliable, efficient, and cheaper. It worths to consider the class of project for investment because of the huge potential they have in the financial World. IEO is live on Exmarket exchange, Probit Exchange, and more. Be part of the success journey.


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