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By Sodaf | lohladex | 26 Aug 2019

Most traders seek convenient and secure way of buying and trading their various digital assets. To choose a reliable exchange, there
are some criteria that needed to be considered which includes: Security, Liquidity, Convenience, Speed, and many more. Cryptocurrencyexchange is a platform designed for buying and selling of all forms of cryptocurrencies. In this article, I will be discussing on acryptocurrency Exchange named Future1exchange.
Future1exchange is a next generation newly founded Cryptocurrency exchange Platform and wallet provider that render Crypto tradingservice to the Global users. Unlike some regular crypto exchanges, Future1exchange has broadened their scope.They render ICOmarketing and management platform, it offers over counter services(OTC) in conjunction with PAXOS and OSL. Future1exchange also renderCustodian Services for their various clients and lastly Future1Prime services though this service is premium interested users can subscribe to it and enjoy online courses and some premium services offering in the platform. I will discuss broadly on the amazing services offered in Future1exchange Platform.


(i) Future1exchange Over Counter Service (OTC)
The Over Counter service was established in liaison with Paxos and OSL.The OTC service will enable the platform user's ability to
trade bulk cryptocurries.The Desk will provide the community of Global accredited investors, VCs to access large scale trading and investment in Cryptocurries.There are some advantages derivable in OTC Markets.OTC trading desk will enable higher liquidity and volumes for both investors and buyers, orders are filled up with speed and eliminating any form of delays in trading. Future1exchange OTC provides different types of trading options.Users can in person walk in to the trading desk or conduct their trading activity via, telegram, phone, Skype. The OTC desk will offer fast daily settlement, Reliable and 27/7 customers support service and personalize services.

(ii) Future1exchange Custodian Services: Future1exchange render quality custodian services for their customers. The Platform utilizes Ledger vault technology in management of their customers Portfolio.The Ledger Vault as a multi-signature Cryptocurrency wallet enabling financial institution building effective cryptocurrency custodian service.For more details about this, kindly consult the link

(iii) Future1Exchange License
Before any experienced investor or trader uses any Cryptocurrency exchange service, legitimacy, legal compliance of the platform must be well scrutinized. There are lots of exchanges out there whose aims are to scam the innocent traders and investors. Personally, I have been a victim of this class of Exchanges. It is highly important for users to conduct their personal research before committing their funds into any Cryptocurrency exchange platform. This is why Future1Exchange stand out among any Crytpocurrency Exchange. It is a licensed Crypto exchange under Estonian Law with a registry code: 14458317. Future1Exchange has acquired 2 different licenses to Provide 2 solid Crypto Service which includes:
(a) Offering services as Cryptocurrency exchange with the ability to provide Crypto -fiat service.License # FVR000382
(b) Offering services of Crypto currency wallet provide License # FRK000313.


Future1Prime: They offer Future1Prime Premium client services which enable their customers having access to various private services like online Webinar, Courses, Skype, phone, and more. Customers are required to fulfill the following conditions before qualifying for the services
(a) Must complete Client Onboarding with the Platform
(b) Must deposit or purchase a minimum of 1 BTC or equivalent.

(iv) Future1Exchange affiliate Service:
Interested individuals can earn up to 30% of revenue share. 30% of the invitees commission on exchange transactions are earned through affiliate program. Users who want to benefit in this program must have deposited up to 1 Ethereum in the Platform.

Final thought,
Future1Exchange is a Crypto currency Exchange Platform with high reputation.It is a registered and licensed Cryptocurrency exchange that render different of services in Crypto industry. The scope of Future1Exchange service is not limited to just Crypto Exchange,they also serve as Wallet Provider, ICO marketing services, OCT services, and many more. It worths trading and investing in this class of Platform due to the huge potential of success they have.


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