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The World is changing day by day. In the past, Oil has been the most valuable Global resources. In today's world, it's another story entirely. Data and information technology has taken over in the present world. Obviously we are in the era of Digital revolution. Blockchain technology with its unlimited potential has been restructuring every sector of life due to its Decentralized, transparent, and cost-effective nature. Blockchain technology has been adopted in so many fields of life.Some countries government has also found the technology irresistible because it is applicable in almost every field of life be it health, Education, finance, Agriculture and many more. The so-called technology has given birth to Cryptocurrency which is an alternative to fiat currency. Cryptocurrency is a digital currency born out of Blockchain technology, the issuance of this digital currency is based on Blockchain technology, distributed ledger which performs the function of record Storage, transfers, compilation in an automated way and accuracy. One fantastic features of Blockchain is its decentralized nature which ensure fairness and transparency. Data or information on the network can't be altered and it remains transparent to everyone. Today, am going to focus my discussion on a blockbusting Blockchain Project named ESAX TECHNOLOGY. ESAX aims to provide a sophisticated and World first class Centralized cryptocurrency Exchange service in their Platform.These services are not limited to the individual trader. They have a broad scope of operation which will cover payment system, Cryptocurrency trading services, OTC Services.

So many people are clamoring for Decentralized exchange because they see it as a solution in Crypto space.Despite all advantages attached to Decentralized platform there are lots of disadvantages as well. Most Decentralized platform lacks liquidity which is major and backbone of Cryptocurrency exchange. For any Cryptocurrency Exchange to survive, there must be adequate liquidity in the platform.Esax Platform has promised to offer the best and high liquidity Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform for their global users. In addition, they intend to solve the prevalent problem of cross-boarder transfer through their payment Gateway thereby making the process of funds transfer easier and buying and selling of goods and services more affordable and convenient without friction.

ESAX Tech has been in operation since 1999, they specialized in providing information security and general software services. The Company has been exploring Blockchain technology since 2018. ESAX found blockchain technology as an opportunity to upgrade and reaching their limelight, thereby creating the opportunity for their services to reach the Global audience .ESAX discovered a bunch of beneficial features in Blockchain technology such as High security, P2P technology, cost efficiency which has been lacking in the Central system. ESAXC is the native cryptocurrency in ESAX platform, the token will be used in a business transaction in ESAX ecosystem.
Marchants across the globe will be able to utilize ESAX payment gateway and their cryptocurrency (ESAXC)in making a payment for goods and services. They plan to offer low fees, high level of security and anonymity exchange service to their various global users.ESAX has decided to conduct their fund raising program (IEO) in P2PB2P,one among the high ranked and reputable Cryptocurrency Exchange in crypto industry. Investors can grab this opportunity to invest in ESAX platform. Joining to token sale earlier will offer an early bird opportunity such as higher-discounted price of the token.Besides, IEO seems more legitimate means of investment and fund raising because the entire process of Sales is conducted and managed by the Exchange. In addition, the exchange listing barrier has been eliminated as well.



A total of 30,000,000 Million ESAXC has been allocated for sales in IEO and minimum investing amount is 500 ESAXC token.
Total supply: 10 million ESAX
Price per ESAX: 0.025 USD
Minimum Purchase: 500 ESAX
Soft Cap: 2,500,000 USD
Hard Cap: 10,000,00 USD

Token Sale: 5%
ESAXC Application:80 (not for sale)
0.75% : Bounty, Airdrop, Marketing
14.25 : Reserve

Research and development: 50%
Staff Salary: 20%
Marketing: 20%
10% : Miscellaneous expenses.

Final thought,
ESAX is a software company that has been in operation for many years. I believe the company couldn't be rated in the category of startup who have no managerial experience and end of failing .ESAX is a centralized Cryptocurrency platform which tend to solve the problem of liquidity.Majority of the problem attributed to decentralized crypto exchanges is liquidity, this is one of the reason why am not a fan of decentralized exchange .ESAX will offer high-security service, low fee and high liquidity exchange for the global users. Token Sales is live now. Be part of the success journey with ESAX.



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