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Emirex is a Group of Companies located in Dubai United Arab Emirates, which happened to be one of the World renowned Global financial center and commodity trading hub. The Company has established (BitMeEx), the Bitcoin Middle East Exchange and have also developed a token-based commodity trading platform.Emirex Professional Digital Asset trading platform incorporates trading series of financial instruments such as Commodity tokens, protocol, and they are working on more diversified platform that deals with any class of digital assets.


Emirex added a professional version of the trading platform in September 2019 based on community input and experience learnt from the project first stage. Emirex has developed a powerful investments platform which focused on securities tokenization like Debts instruments, equity, commodities, and Tangible Assets.The scope of Emirex platform is far beyond just ordinary crypto currency trading services. It is a platform designed for both investors, Professional traders and amateur traders .It also allows smooth trading activities to take place in a very easy, stable, secure and compliant manner. Primarily Emirex Exchange is a Digital Assets trading platform for all. It has professional trading Interface which is meant for institutional traders, where commodities, foreign exchange is offered. In the same vein, it offers a simple and regular trading interface for non professional traders to allow them to trade any kind of digital assets in the platform. Now, we have discussed about the components of Emirex Platform and its right time to discuss their scope of operation and the services they render to the Global users. 


EMIREX IEO is ongoing , this Private Sale has been sold out . Below are the links to exchanges where you can buy your tokens .Dont miss out.

Coinsbit Exchange : https://coinsbit.io/trade/EMRX_BTC
Emirex Exchange :https://emirex.com/trading/btcaed
Coinlim Exchange : https://www.coinlim.com/#/dashboard
P2PB2BP Exchange : Coming Soon !!



(i) EMIREX DIGITAL ASSETS TRADING PLATFORM: Trading in all forms of digital assets is allowed on Emirex exchange in a very secure, fast, easy and compliance manner. It is a platform dedicated to serving both non professional traders and Pro- traders. Any class of traders will have access to whatever form of financial instruments they want to trade on Emirex platform. The Professional platform incorporates trading of tokenized assets, commodities, foreign exchange, Spot trading ,Margin trading and more while the Regular trading platform designed for retail traders allows them to trade any class of digital assets of their choice as well. EMIREX matching Engine in Emirex Platform has an industry standard with a very high speed, which is capable of handling over 1,000,000 transactions per second. Emirex offers high security in their platform, the security of the platform is in compliance with international security standards .Another amazing feature of the trading platform is the advance customizable trading view chart and some other functionality like Order book, market, market depth, trading history, and more. It also offers a toolbar for trading technical analysis and some other technical indicators that show historical trade analysis.

(ii) EMIREX TOKENIZATION PLATFORM: Emirex has successfully developed a Blockchain based corporate bond and tokenized commodities platform.Their ecosystem also consist of a platform for issuance a tokenized assets and securities.It focuses on tokenization of commodities because the group have strong believe conventional investment instruments such as stock, currency, commodity, bond must be tokenized and traded on Peer to Peer manner which will allow everyone to access.

(iii) EMIREX CUSTODIAN SERVICES : Emirex has proffered solution to Digital Assets Storage system which has proved to be one among the major challenges hindering Crypto asset adoption for both institutional investors and retail investors. The solution is quite sustainable, they will implement 100% cold-storage solutions to ensure customers' assets are well secured and meeting up investor's redemption and their verification requisites. Emirate custodian model will ensure all assets in their Custody are protected and never mixed up with the customers' assets held in their trading accounts. Emirex willing to offer a custodian service level which is in standard with some leading European Bank standard. Customers will be on monthly, quarterly, and annually furnished with auditable consolidated reports which include market and performance valuation of various assets portfolio.

(iv) EMIREX UNDERWRITING SERVICE: This service aims towards longevity and growth of the platform, investing in the world-best project in the area of trading, management, digital assets issuance, all these being set up as a regulated investment vehicle, investing owns fund as well as the current strategic investors.

(v) EMIREX CRYPTOCURRENCY WALLET: Emirex amongst all other things has developed a dedicated and highly secured multi-currency wallet which is capable of exchanging Digital currency to fiat currency.




Emirex Group is a complete Blockchain Powered financial institution, they have a wide range of top financial services coordinated and managed under Decentralized system. In a decade to this time we will be fully deep in the World of Decentralization where all centralized system will be going outdated and running out of existence.It is no doubt within the shortest period of time, Emirex Platform will gain a large number of users all over the World. It worth paying a closer attention to this Project. Be part of something huge.

Official Resources

Website: https://emirex.com

Whitepaper: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1O8fZfCoIKkrsJ6HPMCglbB2k-uY0bGa8/view?usp=sharing

Referral link link: https://emirex.com/referral?refid=ID8485FFAFD8

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/emirex.official/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/EMIREX_OFFICIAL Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/emirex_official/ Telegram: https://t.me/emirex_official

Linkedin : https://www.linkedin.com/company/emirexgroup/?viewAsMember=true

Medium: https://medium.com/@EMIREX_OFFICIAL

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