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About CurioInvest
Investment in Collectible cars has been a very lucrative one but not everyone has access to such class of investment. So far, this
class of investment has outperformed some other class of investment and has proved to be a very good investment. The prevalent problem
in this class of investment is that there is limitation to entering the market. There are some restraints in this industry which is
preventing lots of people entering this space. The documentation paperwork required is very complex, the outrageous price of selling
all these rare cars is another barrier. After having observed all these lapses, the team of CurioInvest has created a possibility for
any class of investors to have access to investment in Collectibles cars by tokenzing the assets.Curioinvest will launch a
Blockchain powered digital platform that will allow investors buying tokens which are directly backed by Collectible cars.

Existing Constraints associated to Collectible vehicles investment

Investment in Collective cars is highly lucrative unlike investment in cryptocurrencies, gold, wine, watches, and other class of
assets. Collectible cars as an high class of investment did not attract a large number of investors due to the some constraints in the
market, only some few elite classes have access to the investment opportunity. As mentioned earlier, only limited number of investors
have access to the investment opportunity due to the capital requirement, documentation complexity and more. Besides, all these
valuable and rare cars are produced in limited quantity and they are purchased by eligible buyers. They are eligibility criteria in
buying this class of assets.
1. The buyer must have a Club membership or be a vintage fan group.
2. Must have and able to prove they have multiple cars of similar brand.

Another barrier is that venturing into collectibles is capital intensive and few people can only afford them. It is generally known
that the initial cost of acquiring those collectible cars is very expensive. The Cost of acquisition, insuring, and maintaining them
is very expensive. In addition, it requires expertise knowledge to venture into this class of investment and it does not create room
for any kind of investors.

CurioInvest Solution

CurioInvest has offered a sustainable solution to the problems highlighted above by implementing tokenization strategy. Collectible
cars will be acquired by Curioinvestment and tokenized.This which will enable different types of investors to buy some certain portion
in Collectible vehicles. This will open the opportunity for any class of investors to participate in Collectible investment and
removing the associated barrier and offering the investment opportunity to the masses. Tokenization of assets will address the problem
of liquidity and diversification.
CurioInvest Platform will be powered by Blockchain technology which will ensure maximum security, transparency, and cost
efficiency.The Solution offered by CurioInvest is very brilliant, some class of investors who are willing to gain access to
collectible investment will gain easy access through Curio Investment, and this will bring high liquidity to the market.


Benefits of investing in CurioInvest

1. Unlike in the past when the investment in Collectibles is limited to the elite class, CurioInvest has disrupted the industry with
their wonderful tokenization strategy and created the first Global Collectible assets tokenization platform in which general masses
will gain access to investment in Collectible vehicles which will usher in more liquidity into the market.

2. CurioInvest with their tokenization strategy will create room for portfolio diversification, and sharing their risk unlike in the
past where portfolio diversification is highly cumbersome, and can only be done by the rich class. Investors can split their
investment in different types of Valuable vehicles of their choice, reducing risk associated to only single investment since they are
all tokenized.

3. With the integration of Blockchain technology into Collectible cars investment. Investments will be conducted on a more secured,
transparent, and cost-efficient manner. Centralized system of operation such as higher transaction cost, delays, presence of middlemen
and limited access to investment will be completely eliminated.

Final thought,
Investment in Collectible cars is very lucrative compared to any other form of investment. CurioInvest is a very good platform that
worth giving a considerable as smart investors. They have closed the existing bridge in Collectible Vehicles investment through their
innovative Blockchain Solution and they are offering to the public an opportunity to invest in Collectible Cars. By investing in
Collectible vehicles, an investor is investing in a tangible asset and not just a mere valueless cryptography that can easily dissolve within the thin air. Act smart and be part of this amazing revolution.



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