Whales and BATs - Price Consequences

Whales and BATs - Price Consequences

If you are BAT fans, and I think we are all here, you have probably noticed the sudden price increase of BAT . Indeed, our favorite token has peaked recently and almost touched 0.29 dollars last Saturday.


According to a tweet from Santiment, BAT whales added almost 6% of the total supply to their wallet last week. As you can see on the graph, it was a huge increase and it may explain why the BAT was so bullish. 

The biggest BAT whale has also more than doubled its number of BATs and currently has more than $ 30 million in BATs (at the current BAT price). 

It seems that very wealthy people are very interested in Brave and BAT and they have, thanks to their capital, a definite influence on BAT price changes.

Unlike Bitcoin (at the moment), BAT seems to continue to grow on the market. Brave browser continues to convince more and more people thanks to very good communication and new projects (Brave Nightly, BTS partnership, ...).

I know that many of us here on publish0x are unconditional fans of Brave and BAT. It seems that we are at the dawn of making investment choices that are going to be interesting. Hold your BATs ? Sell or buy more ? The next few days or months will no doubt be decisive.


Thanks for reading, have a nice day, be safe. 

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