Why you should watch #2 : Dr. Stone (Anime)

Why you should watch #2 : Dr. Stone (Anime)

Hi guys I'm back with a "why you should watch" about anime.

I was simply in the mood to write an article about an anime that I really like. So here I am ! And I will convince you (I hope so at least) to watch this anime if you don't know it.

What is Dr. Stone about ?

The story begins when Taiju tells his friend Senku that he has finally decided to confess his feelings to Yuziriha, the girl he has always loved. As he prepares to admit everything, a strange gleam appears and humans around the world find themselves turned to stone. 3700 years later, Senku who is an extremely brilliant high school student and especially in science manages to get out of his lethargy. With his knowledges in science, he will try to get the whole world out of the sleep in which it was plunged.

Why you should watch it ?

  • A nice way to (re)discover Science

Dr Stone is not just a classic anime. It is an anime in which we can discover how the world could be brought to be "recreated" thanks to the scientific knowledge that we have at the moment. Senku Ishigami shows us in a very playful way how science can be useful to us and how easy certain things are to set up. We can also find on the net the list of his experiences to achieve some.

  • The development of interesting ideas

The more the episodes pass, the more we realize that the real goal of the anime is to confront certain opinions. Without saying too much so as not to spoil yourself, we confront force and intelligence and different opinions on justice. If you like philosophy, I'm sure you will like this one !

  • A pretty nice design of the characters 

Of course the anime is very pleasant to watch. The rhythm of the episodes is dynamic, the character design is rather original and cool and the OSTs are also great. So don't hesitate to watch the trailer just here : 

  • Because Season 2 is coming soooooooon ! 

And yes indeed season 2 is coming soon even if it will be a little late because of COVID.

So are you going to be tempted by this anime? Or maybe you are already a fan? Don't hesitate to tell me in the comments !

Have a nice day, stay safe!

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