Publish0x's Tipping System - Good For Writers or Readers?

By LocoSocioCrypto | LocoSocioCrypto | 7 Feb 2024

FYI the following article is most likely going to be controversial. User comments are not only welcome, but encouraged.

I wrote my very first article for Publish0x on September 30th, 2021 - over 2 years ago. Since that time, I have been a relatively casual writer. To date I have written a total of 27 articles on Publish0x (not including this one). I never intended to get rich writing on Publish0x. Instead, I enjoyed the fact that I could use my creative juices to create content, and if people enjoyed it, I could earn a little bit of crypto through tips.

I enjoyed (and continue to enjoy) reading other writers' opinions about crypto and earning a little bit of crypto for myself by tipping them as well. I genuinely think that the Publish0x ecosystem is a positive one and I have learned a great deal just by scrolling through the various articles. Like many, the fact that one can earn crypto simply by reading an article was a huge bonus for me in being a part of this community.

The Issue

I have recently noticed that users now have the option to tip the author only 10%, while keeping 90% of tips for themselves. Prior to this, tips were capped at 80% to the reader, leaving a minimum of 20% to go to the author. Though this may not sound like much, I hope my math below can show you why this actually is a pretty big difference. As a note, I am assuming that most readers are like me, and tip themselves the maximum while giving the author the minimum (we all gotta look out for number 1, right?).

Previous Situation

An author only needed 4 readers to tip their post the minimum to MATCH the same amount they would get by reading and tipping 1 article (assuming the tip gives the author the minimum and the reader the maximum).

Current Situation

An author now needs 9 readers to tip their post the minimum to MATCH the same amount they would get by reading and tipping 1 article (again, assuming the tip gives the author the minimum and the reader the maximum).


In my opinion, the current tipping system is much too highly geared towards readers, and disincentives writers from actually producing content worth reading. Not only that, but it is my opinion that the people actually producing content on this site should be better compensated. I understand that ultimately we are all fortunate to get anything on this site, and by no means am I trying to be greedy. However, I believe that the previous level of 80/20 was a much more fair and equitable ratio to use - which both gave writers a fair reward for their work, while also keeping the community spirit alive. 

My suggestion to Publish0x is to go back to making the ratio at minimum 20% to the author. This ratio gives writers a fair amount of the rewards generated by tipping, while also giving readers a fair amount as well. I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments section below.

Do you believe the 90/10 ratio is fair - or do you agree that Publish0x should go back to tips being based on the 80/20 ratio?

The more comments we get, the more we can show Publish0x what public opinion is regarding this topic, so please comment below!


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