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A Bitcoin Mystery: Can You Figure Out Who Did It?

By LocoSocioCrypto | LocoSocioCrypto | 29 Nov 2021

*I will reveal the answer to this story on Friday, December 3rd at 6:00 pm EST*

Vinnie Gallardo exited his house and began walking to his left down the sidewalk. Upon arriving at his destination, he knocked at the door and broke out into a wide smile when the door opened. 

His friend Jose stood there wearing an oversized sombrero, a colourful poncho and a large oversized fake moustache. 

"Hola, muchacho!", Jose yelled at his friend, "Happy Halloween!".

"Happy Halloween," Vinnie replied, "How do you like my costume?".

"Muy bien, ese," Jose exclaimed, "I love Hulk Hogan!"

"I'm not Hulk Hogan, I'm Macho Man Ran-".

"Whatever amigo, come on in!"

The two 16 year olds walked into Jose's living room and made their way down to the living room. Upon entering, Vinnie noticed 4 other teenagers sitting around the room.

"Hey everyone, this is my friend Vinnie, he's dressed up as the Ultimate Warrior," Jose announced lazily.

"I'm actually Macho Man Ran-", Vinnie began.

"Nice to meet you!", piped up the girl sitting solo on the La-Z-Boy. She was dressed as a cop and Vinnie got the distinct impression that she had had a few drinks. She giggled and turned towards the girl on the couch, who was sitting beside a guy dressed as a hippy. "You going to hit that?".

The girl beside the hippy passed her a joint and the cop took a deep pull. She immediately started coughing and giggling some more.

Vinnie sat down on the vacant couch and his friend Jose joined him.

"These are my friends Carlos, James, Elena, and Ava," Jose indicated - pointing to a clown, the hippy, a cat, and the cop in that order.

"Nice to meet you all," Vinnie said.

"Jose was just telling us all about how much his Bitcoin is worth before you came", Elena the cat purred, "he's a millionaire!".

"Not quite a millionaire", Jose replied, trying to seem modest but failing miserably. "More like a hundred-thousandaire". 

"Aren't you worried about anyone stealing it", asked the clown, looking serious. Vinnie had already forgotten his name.

"I have private keys," Jose replied. "I keep them on me at all times, in my wallet." He pulled out his wallet and showed off a small business card sized paper which had a list of words on it. He placed the paper back in his wallet and placed the wallet on the coffee table.

"Besides, I trust all of you and I rarely go out anyways," Jose laughed. "Come on, let's go do some trick or treating."


The 6 teenagers headed up the stairs and out of the house. Though Vinnie believed 16 to be much too old to go around asking for candy, his friend Jose had convinced him. He moved beside the girl dressed as a cat, hoping to strike up a conversation. Before he could however, the hippy spoke up.

"What do you say we split up, and then pool all of our candy together?" he asked the group. "Down with capitalism, y'know?". He laughed nervously.

"I'm down wiffat", replied the cop. Her words were slightly slurred.

"Works for me too", said Jose. "How about I go with Vinnie and Ava. James, you can go with Robert and Elena?". 

Vinnie couldn't be sure, but he thought that his friend might also have noticed how tipsy Ava the cop was becoming and wanted to keep an eye on her. Jose had grown up in a single parent household with 3 younger siblings, and his paternal instincts were particularly strong for a 16 year old.

"Works with me", responded Carlos the clown. He turned left and began walking away from Jose's house with James the hippy and Elena the cat. Vinnie, Jose and Ava turned right and began walking in the opposite direction.


2 days later

Vinnie was laying in bed reading a book when his phone buzzed beside him. He rolled over on to his side and his stomach dropped as he read the text.

Someone stole my Bitcoin

It was a text from his friend Jose. Vinnie couldn't believe it. Jose was one of the nicest people he knew. How could anyone have stolen his Bitcoin? Thoughts raced through Vinnie's head. He needed to talk to Jose - now.

He ran over to his friend's house and banged on the door. Vinnie let him in, looking dejected.

"I'm such an idiot," Jose began. "I've lost everthing. I wanted to use that money to help pay for all of my siblings' college tuitions and now I have nothing!" He looked close to tears.

"Let's think about this rationally," began Vinnie. "Someone must have grabbed your wallet and taken a picture of your keys while we were out. Ava and I were with you all night, so we can assume it wasn't us. That leaves Carlos, James, and Elena. Let's text them and see what they say."

Vinnie and Jose spent the next 5 minutes drafting a message to send. Finally, they decided on what they wanted to say and Jose hit send.

Hey so recently my Bitcoin went missing and I was wondering if you knew anything about it?

It was simple, non-threatening, but also would require a response from all three of them. Carlos was the first to get back:

DUDE! That is HORRIBLE! My guess is that it was James. He pretends to be this cool, laid back hippy dude but he's obsessed with getting rich. We all ended up splitting up not too long after we left your place, so he probably snuck back to your place and stole it then. I'm so sorry man!

Next up was Ava:

Oh no Jose, I'm so sorry! I don't know much about Bitcoin, but maybe there was some kind of tech issue or someone hacked your account? This is why I don't trust crypto! I would call Bank of America ASAP so they can help you figure this out.

Last to respond was James:

ARE YOU SERIOUS! It was definitely not me, but I'm happy to help find whoever did it! Is there anyone you think who might have done it? I don't want to be rude, but I don't really trust Carlos. He never talks and he dressed up as Pennywise - the guy is just creepy all around. Anyways man keep me posted and let me know how I can help!

After thinking for a few minutes, it suddenly dawned on Vinnie. 

"I know who did it Jose", Vinnie said out loud, "give me your phone and I'll call them".




Answer will be revealed at 6 pm EST on Friday, December 3rd!

**Spoiler: It was Ava. 

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