3 Types of Bitcoiners - Which Are You?

By LocoSocioCrypto | LocoSocioCrypto | 9 Feb 2024

I'd thought we'd have some fun with today's article and so I'm presenting 3 types of people who invest in Bitcoin. Hope you enjoy!

1. The Braggart


The Braggart is the kind of guy who everyone knows owns Bitcoin. This type of person seemingly only talks about crypto and encourages everyone they know that they too should invest in Bitcoin. This person also likely still lives in their parents' basement and has no hobbies other than buying and HODLing Bitcoin.

This person is also the type who would tell you that you must invest in (insert shitcoin here) as he knows it's going to the moon. The Braggart is ultimately his own worst enemy as his endless talk about crypto invariably leads to him saying too much and getting his keys stolen. Sorry Ron Burgundy, no Bitcoin for you.

2. The Chart Checker

The Chart Checker is a roller coaster of emotions. When their crypto portfolio goes up slightly, they look like this:

Let's go': The authoritative guide to the best Tom Brady GIFs - The Athletic

However, as soon as their portfolio dips in the slightest amount, they look like this:

Sad Tom Brady Meme GIFs | Tenor

The Chart Checker is the type of person who epitomizes the 'buy high, sell low' strategy. They are also likely the type to try to short stocks, go all in on a sports bet based on a hunch, and believe that they can beat the house in a casino. The Chart Checker is pure emotion and no one wants to be around them on a day they wind up in the red.

3. The Steady Hand


The Steady Hand is a lot like Matthew McConaughey's character in Dazed and Confused. Never rattled, rarely emotional and a firm believer that everything is going to be cool. This is the kind of person who sets a DCA amount and sticks to it. This person rarely if ever discusses their crypto stack with others, because they understand that no one really cares how big your stack is anyways.

This kind of person realizes that red days are buying days, and that the mantra "when in doubt, zoom out" is the only message needed. You will not find this person buying shitcoins, and their portfolio is probably predominantly dominated by Bitcoin and Ethereum. The Steady Hand also tends to view crypto as a means to an end, and not a reason for living. They spend their nights and weekends with friends and family and realize there is more to life than simply stackin' sats.

***Which type of Bitcoiner are you? Post your answer in the comments!***

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