LIVE - Vitalic is live NOW !
Paris is Boiling

LIVE - Vitalic is live NOW !

By OshO | Lockdown Parties | 9 May 2020

The pandemic we are facing is sparing no one but those who are unlikely to recover soon are night clubs and bars !
And god ! I miss going out and party listening to live music !
I had to find a way to get my weekly dose of music and dancing and live sessions are what I like the most.

One of the artists I really like is Vitalic ! And tonight, he's performing a special set for the Paris Hospitals' foundation.


The event

When : NOW 🥳
Where : Online on Facebook
Who : Vitalic




The artist

If you're familiar with the techno world, I hope you know Vitalic ! if not, this is your moment 😘

Here are his most famous tracks :




The link

To access the event -> LINK <- 



Sorry for the late link


Disclaimer : I have no affiliation with any of the sessions or artists that I talk about in my blog posts, I'm just sharing the content I like !


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Lockdown Parties
Lockdown Parties

I used to enjoy partying in nightclubs before lockdown and, to be honest, I miss it a lot. To maintain social distanciation, clubs are going to stay closed for a long time ! I believe I'm not the only one and this blog aims to share the alternatives I discovered ! If you miss it too or if you want to discover new artists : This is the place to be !

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