Where To Start The Cryptocurrency Search

Where To Start The Cryptocurrency Search

The word "crypto" echos in conversations.  YouTube is buzzing with the newest trends, but half the time it seems like they're still trying to convince themselves.  So where does the neophyte turn to?  Where can someone who has no clue go?  Google can only be as helpful as you are specific.  And knowing less than nothing about something can often leave you spinning your wheels.  So I started where it all began.


For those of us that entered the blockchain scene way too late, we look on in awe at some of the massive fortunes that have been built upon this digital currency.  Cryptocurrency is becoming a common conversation I'm overhearing in passing these days.  Before you start asking if where I live may have to do with this:  Yes, I do live in a major metropolitan area.  Solar paneling is common for larger businesses and sharp homeowners.  The "smart house" is a common sight, with automated window shades, lighting, irrigation and much more.  It wasn't those people that got me interested.  The minute I started hearing it from the people I'd never have expected it, that's when the alarms went off in my mind.

I immediately pulled up a search for "bitcoin price".  My jaw hit the floor.  How could something that started out at $0.30 in 2011 finally end up worth over $20k at one point?  My fingers tapped away at the keyboard, my kid's voices a distant murmur in the background.  Hours passed by, I'd forgotten to eat, and I was sore from sitting so still.  My eyes straining from staring at the screen, I poured over more and more of what I was finding out and found myself saying:  Buddy, you done missed the boat.

Of course, when you look at this world for the first time, a dollar is bigger than a coin.  And a coin can't be broken into parts.  Well, I mean we've got coins that represent multiple coins, but breaking them down beyond that?  You can see where I'm going with this.  My mind was blown.  I was envisioning a quarter and a nickel becoming a stack of hundred dollar bills.  I couldn't see it any differently.  And my mind couldn't wrap itself around how on earth anything like that could, would or should happen.  Could this just be a small mirror of the future?  Could this actually be a call to action as opposed to a door slamming?  My heart raced.  Is possible to start my own money farm?


So here I am, sitting in front of the keyboard, seriously looking at this crypto stuff.  For all the dabbling, pretending and ignorance I've participated in, it's time to get things straight and give this unexplored world a real look.

Am I late to the party?  Extremely.  Well, some would still say we're all still way before our time.

I invite you to join me on this silly adventure.  Feel free to give your insights, comments, suggestions and whatever else you can that you think will help.  As in every venture I've ever started without much more than ambition and drive, I'm gonna need all the help I can get.


Husband, Father, Follower of Destiny, Believer in Hope.

Dad on Lockdown: Crypto Adventures
Dad on Lockdown: Crypto Adventures

Stuck at home, I've discovered the world of cryptocurrency. Join me as I explore blockchain with a genuine curiosity. Don't expect investment tips: Expect tons of face-palming, jaw-dropping and outright eye-rolling as I attempt to make sense out of this amazing world.

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