Pencil Sketch 3 - My American Eskimo Dog

By lnakuma | Akuma Sketch | 24 Feb 2021

I got some free time last night, and had a urge to draw something quick. So I decided to draw my puppy for the second time.

My profile image was the first time I drew her.



Started with simple outlines. Since I wanted to draw fast, I am heavily rely on my outlines.


Adding Shade

Adding shade. The picture source I had chosen to sketch from had a 4PM backlight, which makes the front side dark/grey.




And the last step, using photoshop to add contrast.


I did not like her tail. Therefore I picked a previous scanned version and replaced in my final version.





I posted these images first at


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Akuma Sketch
Akuma Sketch

Pencil sketch is one of my "never good to go for professional" hobby. And I haven't done it for a while. I want to pick it back up in 2021.

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