Pencil Sketch 2 - Black Widow

By lnakuma | Akuma Sketch | 15 Feb 2021

Hello, this is my second post of my pencil sketch. I wanted to start a series of pencil sketch works of Marvel/DC comics characters. I try my best to draw as realistic as the actors/actresses. But Art is not my career defining role, so I can only do as much as I could with my amateur skills.



Initial outlines



Adding shade



Final version (using Photoshop to add contrast). I only used No. 2 (HB) pencil, it is hard to add darker shade in.


Facial expression is from Black Widow's movie poster

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Akuma Sketch
Akuma Sketch

Pencil sketch is one of my "never good to go for professional" hobby. And I haven't done it for a while. I want to pick it back up in 2021.

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