Pencil Sketch 1

By lnakuma | Akuma Sketch | 24 Jan 2021

This is my first post in my pencil sketch blog.

To be honest I didn't even noticed there was a art category there on Public0x. I paid more attention to crypto blogs/posts here in the past.

I am trying to pick up my drawing again (it has been years since my last one). I don't know how many of my amateur skills can come back, but I want to try.



Wonder Woman

Timed 30 minutes. I have combined a couple images I could find together. Therefore, there is not a sole origin source that I drew from. I tried with Gal Gadot's face, but wasn't that success.




To balance heroes out. One from DC and one from Marvel. This is my duplication of with pencil. I need practice more before I could make my own illustrations. For now, more practice from other artist or real photos.


I am an active STEEM/HIVE users. Both images are post on STEEM/Hive chains first.



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Akuma Sketch
Akuma Sketch

Pencil sketch is one of my "never good to go for professional" hobby. And I haven't done it for a while. I want to pick it back up in 2021.

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