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Uprising on Wall Street - Reality Check

By DonkeyShot | Living in the Future | 30 Jan 2021

Just need to get his off my chest real quick. 
A couple of things to keep us from getting too carried away in these times of financial rebellion. We got to keep a level head about all this. 

Even though us retail investors are getting a hang of how the game is played now, and the amount of money we have as a collective should be comparable to what the elite has. There are things we have to remember.

- They literally run the casino, and will change the rules to make sure they'll keep the edge. It's just a matter of time. Meanwhile....illegal trading restrictions are being put in place. Because they're never being held responsible for anything anyway.

- Apes together strong, yes. But..unfortunately, they know exactly what retail investors are playing at, at all times. Reddit is an open community. We don't know shit about what they're plotting behind closed doors. They'll be able to stay ahead of the game with ease. They already pay insane amounts of money to buy data on our trading habits and all other aspects of our life. It will still be used against us. In finance, business, politics, you name it. If not used directly against us, it will for sure be for the benefit of the elite. 

- The elite use this cunning technique called "lying", to stay in power. All the time. We keep busting them. But they keep hunting whistleblowers down. We basically let them. And forget all about the lies as soon as the next distraction comes around. Then we go on trusting the same liars the very next day. We keep giving up because our whole society is fundamentally rigged in the favor of the powerful few. So in the end it feels kinda hopeless.

I say this not to dishearten you all from fighting back. But rather to prepare for, and instill a stayer mentality among us all. So we don't forget that all of this actually happened come Valentines Day, in a few weeks. (Like you guys would get a date anyway...).

We have to stay in the game. Keep up the pressure. And not let them continue playing "Oh! piece of candy." with us for eternity. Try to identify their next smokescreen. Their next distraction.

Support whistleblowers. Support decentralization. Support the right to privacy. Support each other.
And remember the alamo....or something like that. Peace.

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Probably just putting what we all think in plain writing.

Living in the Future
Living in the Future

We can't use the same blueprints to succeed in life, as the generations before us. We have to take the best from the past, and adapt to our new reality. Exciting times we live in, and ahead.

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