Thinking of Buying $XRT? Here’s What You Should Know (Quick Guide)

Thinking of Buying $XRT? Here’s What You Should Know (Quick Guide)

By defidarby7 | Living Bankless | 7 Feb 2021

Robonomics Network is an open source platform which aims to connect cyber-physical systems (CSPs) to form a global network which is capable of delivering goods and services to end users. This network would be exponentially more efficient and scalable than current supply chain standards.

Robonomics Token (XRT)

  • XRT is an ERC-20 token, meaning it is currently native to Ethereum. XRT is a utility token, with it’s main function being to ensure the operation of the network. It’s currently available on Huobi Global, or on Uniswap.
  • It has a max supply of 10,000,000 and a circulating supply of 875,016. The rest of the tokens are currently locked until the launch of Eth 2.0, likely sometime in 2022.

Robonomics Web Services (RWS)

  • RWS (Robonomics Web Services) is also a utility token, providing holders with the ability to interact with the Robonomics network via their CSP.
  • RWS has a max supply of 100, with 50 having been distributed through Uniswap via a RWS/XRT pair. The other 50 are reserved for academia and non-profit organizations.
  • Once activated, 1 token enables 1 transaction every second or 2.5 million per month. Holding a fraction of 1 RWS works as well, with 0.1 RWS enabling a transaction every 10 seconds instead of 1 second. RWS can be deactivated at anytime and then sold on Uniswap.

What’s Next For Robonomics?

  • Robonomics will be contending for a parachain slot, first on Kusama, then on Polkadot. When the parachain auctions begin, you will be able to lock your KSM/DOT to support Robonomics and earn rewards! More details here. In the mean time, KuCoin is holding a “simulation” of the auctions, which is a great opportunity to familiarize yourself with the process.
  • It was revealed that staking is on the way, with more details coming soon.

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