Your Hive Power is now Worth 2X

By Dr.S | Live The Future | 9 Feb 2021

Hello my dear Hivers

As an effect of very recent Super strong Uptrend of almost all the crypto currency’s which was mad possible by the Big Dad #BITCOINwhich not only there is huge up rally towards a $50k BTC but also it gave a had to the other Alt Coins and literally Dragged them towards up.


This Rally has been very good to our #Hivecommunity as the price of Hive has literally been Doubled in a Month.


As of on January 05 2021 the price of hive has been hovering around $0.104, and this has been doubled to almost $0.215 as of the charts on January 09 2021.

That is literally 2X of the price from January.

This Make all our hive Power which we has been holding very strongly since Months and some Hivers even since Years. Is now worth 2x.

That means when taken into consideration of Dollar Cost averaging it is really a very good news.

And this not Done yet as the price of Bitcoin is holding well above $45,000 and some other Alt coins has gone nuts 🌰 where they gained 300% and some even almost 1000% during this bull run. I would strongly sense that There will be a Acute rally of Hive for sure.

Just Hold Strong 💪🏼

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Live The Future
Live The Future

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