Publish0x - Help the platform, spread the word

Publish0x - Help the platform, spread the word

By Virendar | Little Speakers Corner | 19 Feb 2020

Publish0x is a neat little community with a keen interest in crypto, but not much more than that. If Publish0x wants to become a site with more than just analyses, predictions, news or conversations about individual tokens or the broader market it needs to attract a new kind of audience. And from where is this new audience going to come from?

Of course the current method of bringing growth, chiefly advertising on brave or other such services, is going to help grow the platform, but the audience attracted will continue to be primarily motivated by crypto interests. Perhaps the advertising needs to focus more on older mediums such as Facebook or Google, while a part of the current audience would dislike Publish0x making deals with censorious internet mega conglomerates it could start bringing in more people with diverse interests.

Another possibility is for us, the user base, to take on the burden of proselytizing. A way to garner people who like to read and write user submitted content would be to spread the word to similar platforms. Just don't take the word "similar" to harshly, think Reddit not If we spread the word to Reddit we could siphon some of the user base and in turn grow this platform with new and interesting content.

If this were to succeed, the future potential of Publish0x would benefit greatly seeing as more people accept a platform where they can read their preferred content. In the future the greatest challenge will definitely be wringing this platform dry of the pure crypto flow.

So do you want to help? Go and spread the word!


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