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Using blockchain against COVID-19

By yanis | little crypto guides | 2 Feb 2021

During the pandemic crisis, blockchain can be very useful against virus. But, how ?


Tracking Covid Cases

Pseudonymous system used by bitcoin-like blockchains can be very useful against virus. Instead of giving the name of a covid case, we can give his public key (don't you think it's more privacy-respecting ?) ! 

Immutability of blockchain would make almost every data persistant, and the only non-persistent data would be the DB linking names and keys.


A contactless payment method

Old (with physical contact) payment methods are unsafe with COVID, but contactless credit cards are also unsafe because of weak encryption. Blockchain is safe for both factors.

It prevents from covid because of it's contactless, and high-level encryption (ecdsa) makes payments safe.

It's probably one of the factors that speed up bitcoin adoption (and grows its price) !


Rewarding distributed scientific computing (used for medicine !)

I really love gridcoin (I think u understood with all the articles I wrote about). [email protected] is a BOINC project that uses power for medicine and is rewarded by Gridcoin (I "mine" gridcoin since september 2019)

Crunchers (people that provide computing power) are rewarded, and chain uses PoS for blocks validation.


Something to do during the lockdown (yes, xD)

Lockdown is very boring when we doesn't have anything to do.

During the 1st lockdown (that began in march) learned so much about crypto, so I had useful skills, and I wasn't bored. So I found a solution my merging 2 problems (crypto is time-eating and I had time to spend) :D

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