Differences between TRC-10 and TRC-20 tokens

Differences between TRC-10 and TRC-20 tokens

By yanis | little crypto guides | 7 Sep 2020

When we start discovering tron ecosystem, we will see that there are two kinds of tokens, trc-10 and 20. In this article, we will see differences between, and compare the 2 standards.

I think you came for learning (or for speedrunning and collecting the tip, like someone I won't mention), so I won't take many time for introducing. 

Let's GO !


What is a TRC-10 ?

TRC-10 are the native tokens of the tron blockchain. 

Using TRC-10 tokens

Sending any trc-10 (like btt) will consume around 350 bandwidth, but no energy, like a standard trx transfer. Because of there aren't linked with any kind of smart contract, we cannot use them within defi apps like justswap.

Issuing them

Each trc-10 issuance implies a fee of 1024 trx (around 35$ at publishing time) that will be burned. As a "counterparty", creating the token is very easy (only choosing a name, a ticker and some other things then look at the magic).


What is a TRC-20

TRC-20 are "overlay" tokens that run on a smart contracts (a bit like erc20).

Using TRC-20 tokens

Sending trc20 tokens (like usdt) will use around 30k energy (or 0.3 trx if we get it from burning) and 350 bandwidth, because of there are smart-contract based, and energy is for contract execution.

Because of that, we can use them within defi apps (like justswap). 

The biggest problem is probably that not all wallets support them (for example, my dear coinomi only supports trc10), but wallet devs are fixing that.

Issuing TRC-20

We can issue a trc20 for free, but it needs a smart contract to run, so there are more complicated to issue than trc10. 


Which token is the best ?

Probably the question you're asking yourself, which one is the best ?

For the end user, it doesn't matter (like asking which car brand is better), but for the developper, it's very important, but it's depending on token purpose.


Already the the end

It's already the end of this article, and I hope that you learned some interesting things

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