Create your very own NFT with Unity, IPFS and Rarible - Part 1 Definitions

As someone who loves Blockchain/Cryptocurrency, gaming, the Unity engine and NFTs, I thought it would be great to combine all my interests into my passion for writing and hopefully in the process, you the reader, can learn and have fun. Thus, I will be releasing a series of blog posts on the topic especially if you the readers find it interesting.

So for part 1 we will take things at a slow pace and start at the very beginning to help those who are at beginner level.

There is such a rush when you create your very own entity so hopefully this will give you that experience and at the same time I can learn more my guiding others, therefore let's begin. But, before we start...for those of you who are new to a lot of this, you may have questions like:

What is an NFT?

The acronym NFT stands for Non-fungible token which is data stored on the Blockchain and this data can store any digital asset i.e. art, audio, video etc.

The great thing is that NFTs are unique, immutable and not interchangable meaning that they can represent true scarcity and therefore the potential for great value in their demand.

NFTs have existed for years now and have made a lot of money over the years, however,  it was still quite niche and their popularity has skyrocketed in the mainstream recently with large corporations taking huge interest in releasing their IPs (Intellectual Properties) as NFTs e.g. Nintendo could release Pokémon as NFTs etc. The possibilities are limitless and especially interesting in the gaming sector. Imagine owning a true shiny, legendary Pokémon and only one or very few of them existed and then being able to transfer that character into different Pokémon games on different platforms/devices keeping all of it's experience etc. It really brings meaning to "Collect them all!". It would also open up the options to breeding with IVs, true evolution etc.

Now imagine creating your very own NFT that you could sell.

What is Unity?

Unity is a popular game engine that many successful games are created in. It is a powerful engine with many features and one of it's greatest features is how relatively simple it is to import assets and create game objects out of them that live in the game and then control their behaviours using components.

On top of that, you can then convert the game object that has been setup into a prefab so that you can easily duplicate or make changes efficiently without having to do it all again from scratch. It also keeps all the separate parts together which is useful for creating our NFT.


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What is IPFS?

In its simplest terms the Interplanetary File System is a peer-to-peer (decentralised) protocol that enables us to store and share data, which once we have created our prefab in Unity, we will need a way to store and share our prefab.

What is Pinata?

Because working directly with IPFS can be very complex and intimidating to many beginners, Pinata is a great intermediary that makes that task much simpler and user friendly with its interface and API. Therefore, we will directly use Pinata to upload and manage our files (prefabs) and it can communicate with IPFS for us.

And finally, what is Rarible?

Rarible is our chosen marketplace where we will sell our NFTs. On Rarible we will be able to select the rarity of our NFTs i.e. is it one of a kind or are you selling mutiples.

For part 1, I have out of the technical steps required in the creation of our NFT to first provide the theoretical basis and foundations.

Hopefully this gives you a better understanding on what we will be creating from part 2.


Thank you for our time and for reading. I hope you have enjoyed reading it as much as I have enjoyed writing it :)

Take care and I will be posting again soon.

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