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By Cryptotexty | Literature & Books | 26 Dec 2021

  • Let's go to Kaban first, - says the passenger from the front seat to his friend, who is sitting behind

These are the typical passengers whom some of my readers would be afraid to take. As some might describe them - "clear guys": the first - tall, the second, though in a cap, looks like a skinhead from the 90s.

After discussing the reason why it is necessary to visit the Kaban, everyone fell asleep. The third passenger is not from their company, a student, probably or a young worker who carries a lot of bags.

At the KLO gas station, just outside Kyiv in Stoyanka, I stopped to refuel to tank fuel, and I tell them that if they take something, I have a bonus card. These bonuses are a trifle, but it's an indicator - why not do something useful for someone else, if it doesn't cost you anything. But they ignore it. Well, then there will be no conversation and there would be no other story for the collection, if not for one moment.

Almost all the way I listen to an English-language podcast by a crypto-figure. Everyone is asleep - a sleepy realm, and perhaps the monotonous voice of the speaker rocked them. Already at the entrance to Novograd-Volynsky podcast ends, and I put a Russian-language interview with the founder of Near protocol.

When I wake up, I notice that the first passenger is staring at the screen. Maybe he liked the phone - was my first thought. Samsung Z Fold still sometimes attracts attention, and in this case, I thought, soon will be their stop, so I will have to take the phone sooner. Everything could happen! Anyone who remembers the early 2000s will understand.

The founder of Near protocol says they needed to make a lot of payments around the world with minimal commission.

  • So Solana, why didn't they use Solana - the passenger suddenly says, and adds - I didn't listen to the podcast from the beginning, but Solana is what they need.

  • Because he is the founder of another protocol, they have their own cryptocurrency, and it is also at the top, - I explain and further we talk a little about crypto-investment

  • Crypto-winter has already started! , - the passenger declares and outside the window, the real winter is obviously vivid. Mid-December, but winter has recently come and on the road, it is even more noticeable - because the snow is blowing directly into the glass and on all sides.

He goes on to say that you need to buy, buy as much as possible now and that he buys many projects on Solana, participates in many IDOs (Initial Dex Offering), and stakes on numerous platforms, mostly Chinese, which promise X100 or more.

We continued to talk to this crypto-investor, but we are already arriving:

  • Can I send money to the card? , - his friend asks

  • You can even pay with cryptocurrency, - I say

  • No, it's necessary to buy it, just buy crypto - says the crypto investor

  • Do you have many people in the city who are interested in this? Maybe someday we can organize a crypto-meetup here?

  • No. Only me. But I have a very narrow circle of communication - he answers

  • But why narrow? Kaban (Boar), Hare, Horse - these are the only ones I heard - I joke because before that they thought to call the Hare or Horse

  • Yes, and there is also Goose. So it's the whole zoo! It's just the two of us normal - they continue laughing.

I stop at the roadside with small in a city where I have never been before because the main route passes by. And then I continue the journey through the winter. But if it's winter outside and the snow is getting worse, in the crypto-markets at least now, at least on this day - it's still spring…

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Student of cryptocurrencies and economics. Interested in Cardano, Algorand, Terra, BCH, Mina, Near, Hive, Steemit and many other interesting blockchains and projects

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