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By Cryptotexty | Literature & Books | 18 Dec 2021

I was heading to Kyiv somewhere on the border between Chernivtsi and Vinnytsia regions. Then on Blablacar I could not find a passenger, because the direction is not popular and there was little time to leave.

It's 10 pm… I'm making a turn with a car… there was a gas station to my left, a man raises his hand around the corner. Short-haired, sporting. I stop and he opens the back door. This surprised me! Because while women and girls often prefer to sit in the back, men, on the other hand, almost always sit in the front. This alarmed me, as well as probably the fact that I noticed that this guy has something like a weapon.

  • But sit in the front, - I say

And here I see in the mirror on the right side as if from the woods, someone jumps out of the bushes and shouts. The rope on the neck, and what's next - to remain without a car, or in the form of a corpse somewhere on the sidelines. Maybe these images are inspired by numerous French and Italian thrillers, which I watched in my time, but such images came to my mind.

I start driving, slowly at first, because the first passenger has not yet closed the door, and I start talking to him:

  • Guys, what are you up to? I have remedies - I start talking to him and think to myself: "Well, if there would be two or more of them - that's one thing, but now as we are 1 on 1, maybe they abandon their plan."

  • But I don't know him

  • Well, he jumped out of the bushes! And he was dressed strangely, -because he really looked like a gopnik in the image that flashed instantly, and the scream, although it was not audible that he was shouting, only intensified the impression of a bandit attack.

  • Well, maybe he also wanted to go, he walked down the road, you just didn't see him as you turned from there

  • Well, it's all weird, and you wanted to sit behind

  • Such things don't not happen here. Maybe you have it in Kyiv, but we don't. I myself work in the police

I noticed that he probably had a police baton, but I didn't manage to see if he had a gun. I also thought "And how does he know that I'm from Kyiv if I have europlates on my car!". At that time I was still driving an old Citroen. Later I realized that quite often the numbers of "KA" (numbers of Kyiv city) are striking in places very far from the capital. But then I had "PL: numbers…

Just a few minutes later, the passenger asked to stop. Right in the middle of the field! There was a strip of forest, and although in the beginning, he named a village that was nearby - but specifically in that place - there was nothing. This reinforced my impression once again that it may have been an attempted attack that they decided to cancel because something went wrong. Maybe I spoke confidently and they changed their minds, because it's one thing to throw a rope around your neck, or put a gun to your head, it's another thing to get involved in a fight, and I'm behind the wheel, and there was a moment - that the police drove not far from us, somewhere just before the passenger asked to leave.

Then I repeatedly returned to the situation in my mind and came to the conclusion that there was no attempt to seize the car. But the circumstances were such that it looked like that! The one who jumped out of the bushes could have been going further down the road, but when I turn with a car. He might have run because he had to go. This road is not one of the most popular, and who will stop there after ten in the evening? He was probably shouting to be noticed. If the first passenger didn't want to sit on his back and look different, not so sporty, maybe I would have waited for the second and left and everything would have been fine. But you know, sometimes it's better to reinsure) And what would you do? ..

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