VibraVid Review - The Hybrid of YouTube & Soundcloud?

By LiteLiger | LiteLiger Blog | 8 Oct 2019

New Challenger has Risen for YouTube?

Today i want to talk about new Tron based platform called Vibravid which is combination of a Music listening platform and video platform. Trying to sort of combine elements of soundcloud and YouTube in many ways. They have their own native token Beatzcoin (TRC10), which is main part of the ecosystem.


One of the good aspects about the ecosystem is that you can use the token to promote video via bounties, so you can give reward for people in TRX/BTCZ for watching/listening it, this will grow your brand and also gives smaller channels more exposure. Also you have option to set price to watch in TRX/BTCZ or optionally just setting the videos free to watch. 


Currently there is IEO ongoing at Probit in case you want to grab some tokens or alternatively you can delegate Tron Votes to Beatzcoin as Super Rep in TRX Blockchain. As for future development they will be adding patches every 2 weeks, but here are things that i want to see in future for the project.

Improvements for Future Patches

  • Sound Control in Music Section
  • Subscribing Feature for Artists & Content Creators
  • Tipping option for channels or even people who comment and give great feedback
  • Dark Mode
  • Measures to stop potential people botting Bounties 
  • Genre selection in Music selection and playlists
  • Font changes 
  • Some small bug fixes on logins and purchases would be nice


More in-depth breakdown and features please look video above, but in general the platform shows lot of promise and i think their economical model and layouts kinda are better than other alternatives like Bitchute, Dtube and Bittube at the moment.

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