Over 50 Ways to Earn Bitcoin

Over 50 Ways to Earn Bitcoin

By LiteLiger | LiteLiger Blog | 13 Dec 2019


50 Methods How to Get Bitcoin

In this post i decided to gather some multiple sources how to gain some bitcoin to your wallet and savings. Enjoy! Some of the data may be bit outdated.

Probably the most common and easy method to make Bitcoin is Faucets, which were probably first emerging sites that were giving free Bitcoin away to people who clicked through PPC ads and filled captchas. This is how i personally started back in 2015 to gain Bitcoin and probably lot of other people as well, there are existing faucets, but i’m gonna list the most popular and trustworthy ones.

  • Faucethub.io – A Microwallet which works with majority of existing Faucets in the market, once you claim money on a faucet it will get sent to Faucethub where you can withdraw it once you hit minimum threshold or you can trade it to other currencies on the hub.
  • Allcoins.pw –  Another Trustworthy Multicoin Faucet that has many different options to gain Bitcoin via PPC, Auto-Claimer and normal captcha options. Also supports withdrawals to Faucethub as well.

Bitcoin GPU Mining

As most experts already know doing GPU Mining in current climate and the price of Bitcoin won’t be very profitable due to sheer cost of electricity right now. However there are situations in certain countries where people live in Student Flats, which don’t have any electricity costs so in these scenarios its a Win situation for the most part.

Both GPU & CPU Mining can be done basically with any computer out there, but performances will vary quite a lot – i will list all beginner programs that super easy to use below, but if you want more detailed info look my GPU Mining article as well.

  • Honeyminer – Simple GPU & CPU Miner made for the masses, extremely easy to use & does automatic benchmarking for you based on the gear you have.
  • CUDO Miner – Another very simplistic Bitcoin GPU Miner program that is very easy to use
  • Kryptex – This one also has option to get paid in real world money if you don’t want bitcoin
  • Easyminer – While name suggests easy, i would argue its not most beginner friendly miner out there, but there is lot of room for customization at least

Since GPU Mining is not that profitable lot of mining farms and mining programs have started to adapt CPU Mining since it lot more cost efficient way to produce Bitcoin without paying too much in electricity costs. Here are couple of examples for CPU Mining

  • GUIMiner – One of the most popular windows miners, which can do both GPU/CPU to mine bitcoin
  • CryptoTab – A Chromium based browser that has in-built Mining application & Profitable referral system

Probably one of the easiest ways to make Bitcoin along with Faucets is shortlinks, which you can share on forums, websites, youtube descriptions or in many other places can be easy passive income to get Bitcoin. I already did write a lengthy Crypto shortlinks service list before if you want to see all options, but i leave couple of best options below.

  • Linkrex – Offers both FIAT and Crypto payment options

If you own a website or a blog there is an option to display ads from Networks that offer payments in Bitcoins. Usually lot of these advertising platforms require having site that is only about Crypto Currencies, but there are options also for non-Crypto related websites & blogs too.

    • A-Ads – Anonymous Advertising service that offers payments in Bitcoin & other Altcoins doesn’t require your site to be crypto related and also no verification process
    • MellowAds – One of the largest Bitcoin Advertising networks out there, there is rather high requirements however need to be in top 250K in Alexa to my understanding
  • CoinTraffic – Another Advertising network that has been around since 2014

buy bitcoin with fiat

Have some shitcoins like US Dollar, Euro, Yen or Korean Won you wanna get rid off? Well you can use these currencies to buy Bitcoin from different places either with bank transfers or Credit card payments. Listed some popular options below.

  • Coinbase – One of the biggest Fiat to Crypto markets out there, spend 100$ with my link and you will get extra 10$ to your balance
  • Changelly – Other service that has been around since 2014 easy and fast credit card payment options along with crypto to crypto trading possibilities
  • Coinmama – Another one of the more popular places to buy Bitcoin with credit card

Bitcoin Cloud mining

Cloud mining means using (generally) shared processing power run from remote data centres. One only needs a home computer for communications, optional local bitcoin wallets and so on. It’s relatively new practice and it has its skeptics and also lovers. Here are some options for Cloud Mining.

  • Genesis Mining – Very large Cloud mining site that offers multiple different crypto options such as Bitcoin (Get -3% Off /w code 32Kq4u)
  • Hashflare – Perhaps largest Cloud Mining service currently

sell services

If you have any graphical talent, know your around social media, botting skills or swapping money between banks and paypal for instance. These are one of those internet services that people are interested buying. There are couple of marketplaces that offer people to sell internet goods & services for good chunk of bitcoin

  • Bitify – Marketplace for Giftcards, Game keys, PayPal services and many other things
  • BitcoinTalk – One of the oldest Bitcoin communities have their own marketplace for selling goods & services

Lend bitcoin

Lending services are becoming more popular in Crypto, however because the nature of Blockchain it might be lot harder to adapt versus normal fiat currency. Idea of loans and lending money was something i personally always steered away from and i would argue these are inherently traps for many people. However its still great way to earn bitcoin by lending it and having interest on it.

  • Bitbond – A Large player in Bitcoin Lending Economy founded back in 2013
  • Nebeus – Other option for Bitcoin & Ethereum Lending
  • CredibleFriends – A Peer to Peer Lending Service

Probably my least favorite way to make Bitcoin or Crypto in the whole world. Surveys can sometimes have hidden phone verification costs, so be careful of those. In General surveys and offerwalls can pay lot better than PPC or Faucets, but are slightly bit more inconsistent on tracking and sometimes you get no reward.

  • Cointiply – Mix of many different offerwall and survey options among other ways to get Bitcoin
  • BitcoinsForMe – Another Offerwall option for bitcoin payments
  • Eelot – Interesting platform with many ways to make Bitcoin & Fiat money

bitcoin pay per click

Among with faucets there are many PPC sites that pay for every visit to certain website or watching a specific video. There are lot of pyramid PPC click schemes and not all sites are trustworthy just so you know.

  • BTCClicks – Presuming this to be one of the largest Bitcoin PPC Sites out there

Bitcoin gambling

With every currency out there in the world there will be always a level of gambling included. There are many Crypto based casinos, slot machines and poker tables in the internet. Here are some of gambling options to gain some Bitcoin out there.

  • NanoGames - High Quality Multi-coin Gambling site that is very secure
  • Primedice – Simple Dice toss site for Bitcoin (also includes a faucet)
  • Bitsler – Another Multicoin Casino with Roulette, Dice, Multicolor and Cara Y Cruz gambling options

Bitcoin HYIP

Next up we have HYIP which means high-yield investment program which are 98% time ponzi schemes, which make most people lose money for the most part. More recently i tried one called Changepro, which bailed out in 2 months, i did however make profit and some people did too (Most people obviously lost money). Because i’m very skeptical of HYIP’s in general i won’t list any here, because i don’t want to mislead people into possibly losing their money.

exchange trading

Most popular way to get bitcoin is to use Fiat currencies among crypto to trade for Bitcoin. There are many exchanges with many different pairings, so you if you have rare token or coin it may not be traded absolutely everywhere. However this is one very effective method to get bitcoin or get rid of it at least.

  • Bitmex (Outside of U.S) – Perhaps one of the largest exchange websites where all exchanges and pairings will always be paid out in Bitcoin
  • Binance – Largest crypto exchange in China and very massive in daily volumes as well
  • KuCoin – This one is also Chinese based Crypto Exchange that offers multiple different coins & tokens to trade with Bitcoin
  • Bittrex – Another good alternative exchange where to trade rare coins and tokens

Bitcoin trading bot

For people who lack knowledge or don’t have the time to do daily trading with Crypto currencies may want to try out Bitcoin Trading bots. Most of existing exchanges support API that allows people to use exchange bots to do trade. For most part these are very safe only having options to buy, sell and trade, but not to withdraw money/Crypto out of the exchange.

  • Scavenger BOT – Ultimately best bot ive used and doesn’t require any knowledge or setups, its most automatic experience you can go for, right now only operates on Bitmex and in future will be expanded to more exchanges.
  • Trade Santa – Another Multicoin trading bot that operates in multiple exchanges, not easiest to setup but not the hardest bot to use either.
  • CryptoHopper – This one comes with a monthly cost and requires constant setup and prior knowledge of trading something that is not aimed for beginners

bitcoin affiliate programs

One of the obvious ways to make Bitcoin is with multiple different affiliate programs that exist. Obviously lot of the sites listed on this whole article are affiliate and referral links, which proves that there are indeed very many ways to make money via affiliate programs. Very ideal for webmasters and Social Media influencers

  • Ledger Wallet – One of the most popular physical wallets, get 10% of each sale and monthly payments
  • CoolWallet – Another Hardware wallet with a affiliate program that pays 20% commission for each sale
  • KeepKey – Yet Another Hardware wallet that offers multi-tier affiliate program and 20$ in BTC value for each product sold

bitcoin atm

Maybe you are too young to hold a bank account or credit card and all your money is in cash for whatever reason that may be. One of the ways to get Bitcoin also is go to Bitcoin ATM which allows you to convert your cash into Bitcoins. They are becoming increasingly more popular and convenient to use and likely to expand in every corner of the world in next 10 years or so.

  • CoinATMRadar – Site where you can find a closest Crypto currency ATM to you

BTC Payments

If you happen to run a some type of a writing, scripting, managing service or anything really you can always accept Bitcoin (BTC) as payments for your work. Many websites are starting to have it as viable payment method too, while yes sites like Steam and Fiverr had it for while they eventually stopped using it though.

  • Indeed – Different types of Bitcoin Jobs
  • XbtFreelancer – Freelancer platform for people finding jobs for Crypto & Bitcoin

E-Begging and tipping is always something that you can always do, it may not be the most classy way to earn Bitcoin, but if people feel bad for you they might throw you a satoshi or two i guess. There are some widgets you can install in wordpress and joomla based sites, decided to share couple of them below

  • CoinWidget – Simple Litecoin & Bitcoin Donation plugin for WordPress

bug bounty for bitcoin

Bug Bounties are becoming more popular giving people Crypto, fiat and Bitcoin rewards who find different bugs in apps, platforms, websites or scripts. These jobs and tasks will become more and more popular in future and i believe there will be lot more Bug Bounty platforms in future.

  • Kraken – This Exchange pays bitcoins for finding bugs in their platform
  • HackerOne – Has some hacking or bug bounties that are paying in crypto & bitcoins

Obviously if you have a coin idea or any other business concept there is always people who might be willing to invest in to your idea. This may not obviously be option for that many people out there, since good business plans that people are willing to invest in are quite hard to do. Nonetheless you can also have personal funding page that can be used to fund your projects.

Rent Bandwidth for btc

There has been a service in the past (called Bitmesh), which enabled people to sell & buy Internet Bandwidth for bitcoin, however this project went to dormant and right now it seems no one is currently providing this service. However i decided to list this since these will become more popular again in future, even though there are ERC20 based tokens doing similar models as of now.

peer to peer bitcoin payments

One of the most interesting things i found while doing this article was Peer to Peer Rendering – which may probably sound like a extreme niche and probably is currently until it scales up and demand increases.

  • BitWrk – Bitcoin-fueled Peer-to-Peer Blender Rendering

There is always work for people who can code, numerous Altcoin projects will be available and rewards in Bitcoin are quite usual practice unless they offer tokens or coins of their own projects. Obviously these coding projects vary quite a lot but there is high volume of them available too.

  • BitcoinTalk – One of the places where you can find some coding jobs for upcoming projects

Play games get bitcoin

There are certain game faucets and games that pay you Bitcoin for playing or doing certain specific tasks inside the game. Crypto integration to gaming has been increasing quite much and very soon will be consisting 5% of all multiplayer based games.

  • CoinBrawl – A Game Faucet that pays Bitcoin for Playing
  • Alien Run – Fairly popular crypto faucet game about an Alien

gift cards

There are services which allow trading gift cards into other cards or in this case into Bitcoin.

  • CardforCoins – Trade Walmart, Starbucks & Target gift cards for Bitcoin

There are couple of sites right now which offer Rebates in Crypto when you spend Fiat money in selected websites, one of them although not Bitcoin is called CoinBates a service you might want to look into given the amount of stores they support.

  • CoinRebates – Shop at places like Aliexpress, Walmart, Overstock, Macy’s & many others and get % back in Bitcoin

Obviously this is something i should have listed earlier on this Top 50 list along other mining types, oh well one of the ways to get Bitcoin is also to mine with mobile devices, while its not very sufficient way its still something i guess.

  • Minergate – While bit notorious service still among the very few that run a successful mining operation on mobile
  • CryptoTab – A Chromium based browser that has in-built Mining application & Profitable referral system

I Already did an extensive article about Cryptojacking, but its worth mentioning here as well. With rise of adblock many webmasters been looking into other sources of income and cryptojacking people’s computers with or without consent have been one of the more popular ones out there. While it’s mostly Monero based there are one or two services out who give payments in Bitcoin, while the mining may not be directly done with the Bitcoin blockchain.

  • MinerAlt – Pays in Sumo, ETN, Monera and in Bitcoin

So its not my intention to take any moral stances here what is right or wrong. However hacking has proven to be very efficient way to make bitcoin whatever that is blackhat or whitehat hacking. When an exchange gets hacked it might be a wake up call to improve security systems and protection against hacking in general, which in a way can lead into better products & services for long run. You can also find people asking for hacking services so test their security systems and you might get paid bitcoin or other crypto for that.

bitcoin shares

There are certain exchanges and services that allow you to buy shares (Sometimes are tokens) who may pay dividends in bitcoin, i did article about dividend systems while ago, if you are interested in that type of income. However this can be very profitable way to obtain more Bitcoin.

  • Bibox – Token holders get other crypto based on trades on exchange among Bitcoin in a weekly basis


Obviously since we had lending on the list that means we have to have loans as well. Since if you don’t have any Bitcoin you can always borrow some in exchange of Fiat holdings or other crypto currency. This may be very good thing to do when markets fluctuate.

  • Celsius Network – Deposit Bitcoin and gain annual interest on a weekly basis
  • Stakecube - Over 7% Annual interest on deposited bitcoin on the platform


Obviously Crypto currencies like bitcoin are very popular among in Sex industry as well because of the privacy element of it. There are multiple Camgirl sites which pay Bitcoin per minute for the camgirls out there or other payment models.

  • BitcoinGirls – One of the more popular Bitcoin based camgirl sites
  • Strip4Bit – Another Camgirl site for those who want to pay in Bitcoin

product reviews

There are certain manufacturers in Crypto space who sell mining gear, hardware wallets & other utility equipment that is Crypto related who are looking for influencers to promote or feature their products. It’s very likely that these companies are willing to send review copies among with small bitcoin payments for promotion services.

So surveys and offerwalls are not only thing you can do to get bitcoin when it comes to intellectual labor. There are sites that ask different information sometimes questions or other information/experties of you and you will get paid in Bitcoin

  • Earn – Platform where experts can answer emails and get paid Bitcoin for doing that
  • Bitfortip – Kinda works like Quora with bitcoin

watch videos get bitcoin

Yes you can also earn bitcoin by watching videos, BitTube has made this their crypto model actually, but obviously there is huge demand in YouTube to buy views and bitcoin is just one piece of that fake views market.

  • Vidybit – Get 3 Satoshi per video you watch possibility of getting payments straight to Xapo account

Read Books

Who would have thought that you can get Bitcoin by just reading books online? Well this is reality

  • Paidbooks – Read Books and login with facebook to get bitcoin and other crypto rewards

HODL Bitcoin

The last and most important way to make Bitcoin is to HODL it obviously, since its that coin that usually holds highest chance to get higher value as time goes by. Even if bear market strikes and the price fluctuates 1-2k down doesn’t mean its dying. Its still more stable than Amazon or Netflix stocks for example.



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